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Beast Wars Poetry:

A Narrative Dinobot Poem by Black Dino Background Hero by Pacerwolf
In Honor of  Dinobot by Pacerwolf Living for Revenge by Pacerwolf
Now You Know by Sapphire A Hero's Code by Starath
Eternally Damned by Lady Venom Promise by Sapphire
A Fool by VampyerBA Knight of Mine by VampyerBA
The Riddle of the Rampage by Lady Dementia Answering the Riddle by Lady Dementia
Immortal Prayer by Lady Dementia

X, Forevermore by Outtsyder

- Winner of "Best Beast Wars Poem" 2005

Cold Rain Falling by Lady Dementia

Rampage thougts by Darkshadow
To a monster, by Rainynight
The Feared, by Pacerwolf


Original Poetry:

Shimmer by Sapphire Of Snow and Blood by Sapphire
Enemy at the Gate by Sapphire Good Friends by Starath
Questioning Rat by Starath Immolation by Varyn
No Escape by Sapphire A Stranger by Sapphire
If Love is a Sin by Pacerwolf Born in Africa by Erik the Viking
Snow by Dannn Fooling Oneself by Dannn
Have you...? by Sinead Screaming in the Rain by Landray Depth Charge
Fly Away by Pacerwolf Blindfolded by Rakshash
Dark Afternoon by Darkshadow15
Tell Me Why by Blackbolt


Beast Machines:

A spark in pain by Pacerwolf


All poetry is copyrighted to the poets and cannot be reproduced in anyway without their consent. 


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