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This website is dedicated to the television show Beast Wars: Transformers, the writers, the voice actors and the characters themselves but most of all, it's dedicated to all the fans, fan fic writers and fan artists of the Beast Wars world. Here you will find a large archive of images, fan fiction, fan artwork, information and more. The site is updated every weekend with new additions, fun competitions and a weekly poll. It is still active and growing. Any newcomers are invited to submit their own fan fiction and artwork.

Beast Wars International started off as a personal fansite, that grew and changed over the years. As more visitors came to the site and submitted their work, archives began to form and enlarge and soon it was becoming a haven for Beast Wars fans around the world. The site outgrew its free webhosts four times before finally being moved to bwint.net and being launched under its current name in 2003. Since then it has expanded at a tremendous rate, demanding an upgrade in its hosting plan and traffic after a year. Now in its (unofficial) sixth year of existence, Beast Wars International is still going strong and being updated and visited regularly.


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