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11 March 2006:

For the longest time I ran this site by myself, but as it grew and became more and more time-consuming, there came a point when I realized I had to have some help in running it, or I'd never manage. When the site was launched under its official name, my dear friend Miss Special came onboard and took care of all of Bwint.net's artwork. I know from the days I managed art that it's a lot of work and can be very stressful, so I am hugely grateful to her for taking the load on. Several times Miss Special has taken the reins of the site in my stead, when I've been unable for whatever reason to handle it. She's done an excellent job on running it and has helped me numerous times throughout the years in beta-reading and editing fanfic submissions, in moderating our forum and founding the new forum, helping with the site design and aiding me in re-launching the site under its new layout. I couldn't have done it without her and I thank her with all my heart.

Thanks yous go to the following people:

Blaze Raptor, Dannn and Lady Venom, for supporting me right from the very beginning, when the site was still tiny. These three friends of mine have encouraged me throughout the years and remained loyal to me and the site. Your support means the world to me.

Hacker, for being the site's trustworthy treasurer and reminding me when the site needed money for renewal. Thanks for handling all the finances and math, Hacker!

Wicked Woman, for doing the polls (it's an extra weight off my shoulders!), for moderating the forum and for her toy and episode reviews.

Joshin Yasha, for painstakingly recovering and formatting all the BWA fics. You're an absolute star, Joshin!

Dawn, for her work in recovering the BWA fics. She's been exceptionally helpful and I couldn't have done the BWA archives without her.

Skyfire, for his help in various areas. His art graces the TF adoptions and Donations page, he's helped with the Beast Warrior bios and he's submitted toy and episode reviews and at one point helped moderate the forum. Thanks for everything, Sky!

Varyn, for helping me with beta-reading all the fan fiction I get sent to put up.

Darkshadow, Amber Dawn, Jammer & Black Baron for the episode reviews I asked for last-minute. Even though we didn't manage to complete the archive before the launch, it's certainly a big step closer to being done. Thanks, you three!

Beastbot, for very kindly allowing me to use his toy reviews to complete Bwint.net's toy reviews archive. He also sent in pictures and found some I could use when he didn't have any. Thank you so much, Beastbot!

Greg, TM Ian, Miss Special and everyone else who submitted toy reviews.

Hacker and Outtsyder for their interviews with VAs contributions!

Amber, for her general support and for the G1 Adoptions images.

Omicron the Ice Queen, for her episode reviews and her image submissions. We've Omie to thank for many of the stunning BW screenshots up in the image galleries and at various other sections of the site.

Nurann, for keeping the site on back-up and offering to run it if I need her help, for selling Bwint t-shirts, and for moderating the forum.

Special Thank yous go to all who contributed money to the site over the years, to help keep it going.

Blaze Raptor, for her extremely generous donations every year. Araneae for her amazing donation this year (you saved the site, Araneae!), Dannn for buying a Bwint t-shirt, Pacerpaw for her continuing generosity, Miss Special and Hacker for their contributions, too. (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!)

All the site's members and visitors. Your continuing support and enthusiasm has kept my spirits up and inspired me to put the work into keeping this site running. Together we've made the Internet's largest purely Beast Wars website and kept the show and its characters alive.

To anyone I've forgotten to thank, my apologies. I've been aided by so many in so many ways that I can't remember it all, but my gratitude goes to those unnamed helpers as well.

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