Why we love Depth Charge:

Joshin Yasha:

1. His voice!

2. Had some of the best lines in the show.

3. Badass. Plain and simple. That, and he's on the verge of being a Predacon by his acts and thought patterns


- he's a really mean Maximal and his form is a manta (=I love marine animals). He clearly doesn't like authorities. That's cool. He's like a Maximal version of a street fighter. His attitude is perfect! He's mean, powerful, very vengeful, determined and just hell-bent on killing Rampage. Plus he has the guts to defy Optimus Primal in the open even more than Cheetor, Dinobot and Rattrap! And he acts heroic sometimes. Just as Landray Depth Charge said: 'Depthcharge is the TF world's Dirty Harry'. And I think DC's vocabulary would make even G1 Ratchet turn pale! Hee! I wonder what might happen if Depthcharge and the "Terror Twins" of G1 would meet! XD



I like Depth Charge because he is a dark, tormented and obsessed hero. When I look at him in action on screen I pretty much see him as a BW version of Batman mixed with Dirty Harry.


Dark heroes with something special that sets them apart from other dark heroes always tend to catch my attention. This is a character you never get bored with.  Itís all bout his attitude, his lines, his fighting ability and style, his tormented obsession and unrelenting hunt for revenge and justice.



Rough, determined, devastated, powerful, fearless and irreparably damaged, Depth Charge was in my opinion the best of Season 3 Beast Wars.  With a turbulent back story and an unshakeable determination to put right a terrible wrong, he added an extra dimension to the show's story.  Depth Charge was a victim of great loss and a tormented soul, but at the same time he was strong, brave and won the respect of many BW fans.  He wasn't a clean cut "good guy", having obvious flaws, but he tried his best and ultimately proved hugely beneficial to the Maximals.  It could be said that he indirectly secured their victory by destroying Rampage and freeing TM2 Dinobot of the spark-link that kept him from discovering his true self.  I like Depth Charge for the moving story in his past, for his amazing strength and firepower, for his fractured psyche and for just being an awesome addition to the cast of the show.


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Depth Charge Quotes:


"I gotta hand it to you Primal.  When you screw up, you do it big time.  But thanks for the tip."


"Consider it done."


"Blow it out of your exhaust pipe Primal!  X is down there..."


"Big Preds are my specialty."


"It's not revenge I'm looking for--it's justice." 


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Why we love Depth Charge:


Well, for starters he is the tall dark mysterious kind of bot with a dark tragic past, the lone survivor of untold horrors.  He has his own sense of honor and follows his own agenda to avenge those lost to him.  DC fights for what he knows he must do in order to obtain peace in his life once again, whether it be right or wrong. He does not fear death for it seems he believes that he too should have died along with his comrades instead of living to find their killer. 

His character is very shady leaving plenty of room for fans to explore and figure out who he was before the Omicron incident, what he may be afraid of today, and all the what if's that could have been.  I like to think about what he might have been like before all of the mess happened to his life, :-D that would be an interesting story to tell.

 As far a looks go, what's not to love?  Tall, awesome color scheme, wings! hey flying is a good thing! Not to mention the tone of his voice. *this is where the fan girls sigh and fall over* 

Landray Depth Charge:

First off, he's got the beast mode of one of the largest and most graceful fish in the sea. Plus, his beast mode is a contradiction, kind of ironic. DC's one of the meanest Maximals ever to grace our TV screens, where his alternate form is a fish that would rather swim around the ocean with his mouth open all day and wouldn't hurt a fly. (Unless you hurt him first, of course)

Second, he's elusive, reclusive, and despises authority. I love anyone who hates authority, lol. He's also got such a warped psyche from the things that Rampage had done. That's fun to play with in fics.

And third, he's got a hell of an attitude, with the strength, power, and confidence to back it up. He's not afraid to chat back at Primal and has a blatant disregard for authority and orders. If it wasn't X, it wasn't DC's problem. Of course, the guy was a Maximal and had his heroic moments (such as his single-handedly saving Rattrap's and Rhinox's arse in "Cutting Edge" and his help with Cheetor in "Feral Scream pt 1".), but overall he did his own thing. Dirty Harry of the TF world!



DepthCharge because of his relentless need to have revenge on Rampage, and simply for his maverick attitude.



He has a large body build†
-We both have in common. Revenge.....†
-Love his beast mode and the colour scheme†
-His weapons and the shark thingy he sent out, so cool.†
-The way he bites back at Optimus through speech.†
-Love his quotes.†



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