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28 December 2002


I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  It'll be 2003 soon and I hope everyone has a happy new year.


The first big change is that the site has moved to a new URL.  The host is fateback.com who generously provide 60 megs free from advertising!  Let's hope they're more reliable than my previous host (which was fast running out of space) The new URL http://sapphire15.yoll.net is shorter however and an important thing to remember is that after the http there is never a 'www'.  Type in a www and the site won't work.


The Beast Warriors section is finally complete in its makeover with the addition of the Predacon page, complete with new pictures! (Best viewed with frames.)


Two lovely new collages of Rattrap and Silverbolt by Solar Blaze (HDW)


Fics by three new authors: Starath, Miss Special and Sinead.  (Thanks for the honor you three!)  Go check out their sections.


A sneak preview of the 7th and last in my Uprising series is up at the Latest Fic News page. I've also added a little page on me (click on the sapphire pic at the top of the frames/nav bar.) I figured, hey, I do *own* the site so you might as well get to know me a little.  ;)


I promise I'll work on that new form e-mailer.  I really need to lose those confusing dreamwater ones!  Ack!


14 December 2002


I've been very busy collecting pictures to make some collages for the Beast Warriors section.  So far I've only completed the Maximals (but Primus, it took me a long time) and you can see it here.  The previous layout for The Beast Warriors section was a bit sad, so I'm redoing it.  :)  

A very short, silly fan fic is up in the Lone Fan Fics section, which I've also redone (as well as Lone Stories).  Two beautiful collages by Solar Blaze are up in a new sub section of her main section.

I am now accepting fan fiction and art and have put up some guidelines for those of you who would like to send some stuff in. 


That is all for now.  I'm going to work on the Predacon section so long and get a better form emailing system.

7 December 2002

Smashing news!  I've finally finished the sixth fan fic in my Uprising series!  Can you believe it?  My writer's block just broke and then I wrote and wrote and wrote and produced a 33 A4 page fic!  Wait!  There's more!  I have even started the *next* fic after this one, which will be the very last fic in the Uprising series.  You can find out more on this at the Latest Fic News section. Well, now I got that off my chest, onto other news.


Some more fan fics from the amazing Lady Venom are up in her fan fiction section!

I have tidied up the site and fixed some broken hyperlinks.


Oh, and by the way, I've just got a fantastic new computer which means that I will hopefully be able to do more with it than I can with this little laptop.  We'll see.  ::prays that her dad will buy a new scanner so she can scan in some art and photographs of her BW toys::  


Anyway, that is it for now.  Enjoy the update!


The sixth in the Uprising series...is HERE!!!!  A six month writer's block, exams and a computer virus which wiped out all my previous attempts to write this fic was the cause if the delay, but it is finally here! Two WHOLE parts!  33 A4 pages and all!  And guess what?  You won't have to wait for the next fic for very long - I've already started it!  0_o  This fan fic is the penultimate fic in the Uprising series.  ::sniffle::  I know, I'm going to miss writing this series so badly!  It's drawing to a close but I promise you, you won't be disappointed with the ending! (Or at least I hope you won't.)  The current fic is a prologue to the next one which has a lot more action.  The Planet of Youth - which is what I've titles it - is quite technical and can be a bit difficult to grip at some scenes, so you may have to go back to the older fics and remind yourself what is going on.  See it as a introduction to a much better, much faster fan fic to follow.  Enjoy!  You can read it here.

1 December 2002:

Quick update - I've redone the layouts of most of the Guest Fan Fiction writer's sections.  Have a look!  Also, a cool song where Dinobot, Silverbolt, Rattrap and Waspinator all rap (voices done by their original voice actor Scott McNiel) can be found in the media section.

29 November 2002

Wow!  I've a *lot* to say!  Firstly, I have finished my exams, which means I now have six

weeks to work on this site and my fan fiction.  Since yesterday, I've been working for hours on this site.

I've just been wanting to do it for so long, but have been kept back by my studies!  But finally it's done!

Firstly: I have given the site a new look.  I have updated a total of 16 pages! (The site itself has grown to 115 pages!) There are new graphics splashed on various pages keeping the theme and adding some style and colour.  I think most of  you would have noticed the funky new picture on the main page!  I have added 'My Web Graphics' to the art section.

I've redone the Uprising page as well and guess what?  There is a preview for the sixth in the Uprising series up at the Latest Fic News page!  Check it out!  I've fixed all kinds of broken hyperlinks so hopefully the site is easier to navigate. If you still know of some, please don't hesitate to tell me.  As for new fics and art, well, there is no art at present, but there might be on Sunday.  However, there are two exciting new stories from Darkfire75 up at her section!  'Relationships part' one and two, and 'And Then There Were Two'.  Go check it out!


21 November 2002

The Site is back up.  Thank goodness.  You can see all the stuff I was raving

 about last update now!  I must tell you that I am in the middle of exams and I'll finish

on the 28th of November.  After which, I'll have a six week holiday! 

Good news:  I've started on the next fic in my Uprising series.  Expect to see it

sometime before X-mas!  Oh and, the long awaited Disney pic can be found

linked in the fic 'A Trip to Disney World' or in the artist, Solar Blaze's section.

I'm going to make this site a lot more exciting, I promise!  And I'll introduce a much more efficient

form e-mailer!  Well, this update was just to let you know.

'Til December 1st, have a great time and wish me luck!


27 October 2002

Yay!!  Extremely happy Sapphire is proud to say that the long awaited Disney picture (from the fic: A Trip to Disneyland)

is finished!!  Ahhhh!!!  You can see it here!  I am so happy with it!!  :)

I have updated Solar Blaze's artwork section with two cool new artwork (including the fabulous Disney pic!)

There is also a new crossover fic from Darkfire75!  Go check out her section now!

As for me, well, I've been SO busy with promo work that I've not had the time for any fics or art, but there is something to look forward to:

I know I've said it before, but I intend to stick to my promise this time.  I WILL be finishing The Uprising series this December!

I have it all in my head, I just need the time to write it, and I will soon have that time, once I have finished the awful exams!

Anyway, that it all for now.  I'll try to squeeze in another update next weekend


6 October 2002

I have added a story (by me) in the Lone Stories section.  I've redone the section as well.  

I have also...wait for it...written a Beast Wars fan fic!  ::gasp!::  I know, I know.  It's taken me long enough.  

You can see it in the Lone Fan Fictions section but be warned, it's kind of depressing.

 (Perhaps due to the fact that I was on a serious amount of medication when I wrote it, thanks to that stupid operation I had on my mouth.  Ugh...)

Some More artwork by Solar Blaze is up, including a picture of Joe.  She rather flattered him, I think.  I never imagined him to be that pretty. 

There was a request sent by one of you (I forget who) asking Solar Blaze to draw some thing/s.  

She is very busy and has a long list of requests, so please be patient.  She's getting there.  ;)

I've also redone Solar Blaze's section, making it much easier to access and view her art.

Now, something totally off topic from Beast Wars, I have created a Lord of the Rings website!  Yipee!  Look at the pretty link below!

That's it for about now.  Sorry it has taken me so long to update. Have been very busy with LOTR site and nasty operation.

8 September 2002

I have added another picture of Sapphire drawn and sent to me by Solar Blaze (HDW) and

 I have added the revised version of Crazy Ivan's Balance of Power.  I am currently working on getting 

all Lady Venom's short stories together, but for now you can see her new story here at the message board. 

Below: The revised drawing of Sapphire done by the amazing Solar Blaze (HDW)


1 September 2002

At long last!  Sapphire's Beast Wars Website is complete!  With a whole new layout, new and improved features,

old pages re-done and new ones added!  New art is up, as well as new fics!  There are, of course, some hyperlinks that 

are still broken, but those are teething problems and will, in time, fade away as the site grows older.  If you have any

 comments or ideas, send them to me at malachite157@yahoo.com  If you find any broken hyperlinks, tell me about them!

I can then get the job done quicker and the site will function better.  I hope you all enjoy the new layout and find it easier

 to navigate with the addition of much more mature looking frames.  There is a new message board up and

 I am working on getting lots of other goodies too!

The chat room still works and perhaps next update I can arrange a chat where we can all get together 

and chat about the new site and your comments and suggestions. 

 Well, for now, explore all the new pages and enjoy the website.

Thanks for your patience!



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