Pointers When Sending Fan Fiction

And Art 

The site is updated as often as the web mistress can manage. If your fan fic or fan art does not show up in an update and the web mistress has not mentioned in the updates page that she has split the load (as in some will go up another update) feel free to contact her and ask whether she received your fic/art and when she intends on putting it up. She will try her best to answer your email as soon as she can.

Your Section:

Each writer/artist is allowed to have a personalized entrance to their section.  You can make a collage or a drawing, as long as the image represents you and your fan fiction/art section.  If you'd like one made for you, please email Sapphire and give her directions as to what you want.  She will create your entrance picture as soon as possible.  You are also allowed to specify how you want your fan fics/art presented in your section. (In table form/columns, one beneath the other etc.)  You can write under a pen name if you like.

Before you send fics/art you should....

Follow the following points:

For Fan Fiction:

For Fan Art:


! You must be the owner of your art. Under NO circumstances is it okay to submit art that is not yours or that has been ripped from someone's gallery, at BWINT or anywhere else, and/or  altered by use of a computer image rendering program. Any direct copies, stolen or manipulated artwork, if found out, will be taken down from the site and you won't be allowed to submit anything thereafter.



Note:  Only BEAST WARS fics/art and BEAST WARS CROSSOVERS or COMPLETELY ORIGINAL STORIES/POETRY/ART is accepted.  No other Transformer types are accepted UNLESS they are part of a BW crossover.  You cannot have an art section that it made up completely of original art: some Beast Wars art must be included.


For more info, Fan Fiction Acceptance Rules/Policies can be read here. Fan Art Acceptance Rules/Policies can be found here.

That's it!  A few simple points to follow and there should be no problem. Please note that we try to update almost every weekend.  There may be the occasional delay in which case we're sorry.

Talk to the other artists and writers at the message board!  You're very welcome to join us!


The Beast Wars International Team

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