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Fanart Submission Info and Requirements:


-Send all fanart submissions to sapphire@bwint.net

In the email, you must include:
-Your screename
-The name of the artwork(s)
-If you are new to the site, please include your preferred email address, if not the one you're using
-Please specify if it is something other than an art piece, i.e. a graphic or comic.

The submitted art must:
-Be no larger than 700 kb in size*
-Be in .jpg format
-If you are submitting an image hosted on, say, deviantART, please link directly to the piece. It's not fun to search through galleries with nothing but a title.
-If the images are large, please don't send more than three or four of them at a time.

Original art is accepted only if the artist has a sufficient fanart gallery (about a page or so). Fanart from other things is not accepted, with the exception of other Transformers art, to which the same condition as original art applies. (A piece with a BW character and, say, a G1 character would be accepted as Beast Wars fanart.)

If you're suggesting to someone that they submit their art, please give them the link to this page instead of just my email address.

*Most submissions are resized so that they are generally no larger than 300 kb. This is done to ease loading times. Artistic value will be preserved as best as possible-- if the drawing just doesn't look good if it's smaller, then it's left alone.


About art theft, ripping, and general dishonesty:

Do not take someone else's art-- drawings, graphics, or anything else-- and claim it as your own. Similarly, altering a screenshot or someone else's art and saying you drew it is also bad. It's one thing to manipulate a screenshot and submit it as a graphic or send it in with a caption, it is a completely different matter when you say you actually took the time to sit down and painstakingly redraw it.
Dishonesty like this is grounds for removal of all your content from the site, as well as banned from the forum. (It should be known, however, that this kind of action will not be undertaken without sufficient proof, as well as a discussion with the perpetrator-- your stuff will not be randomly removed without your knowing about it.)

Similarly, linking stolen or otherwise ripped art from another site to the forum will likely result in a ban.

Also, it is completely not okay to take original content from this site and use it on yours without asking. Screenshots are one thing, graphics and art are another. They are the property of the person who made them, and you absolutely must get their consent prior to posting it on your site. This includes pretty much anything on this site besides screenshots. If you're not sure, please ask.

If you believe there is something of yours or someone else's on this site that someone submitted, saying it was theirs, please contact me. I unfortunately lack omnipotnece, and so it's impossible to know if something belongs to someone else. I do the best I can, but something may slip through. All you have to do is drop me and email so the situation can be resolved.

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