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Fan Fiction Acceptance Policies:


Below are the acceptance rules for every fan fic sent in as a submission to fan fiction archives of Beast Wars International.

1.) The fanfic must not have content that is above the PG13 age limit. If it requires an age rating, one must be present at the beginning of the fic.

2.) The fanfic must not be racist, sexist, or attack any specific individuals. No hate-writing will be accepted.

3.) Excessive swearing is not acceptable.

4.) If the writer's first language is English, a basic level of spelling and grammar must be present. If characters names are misspelt, there is no paragraphing, the fic has not been spell-checked or if things that should be capitalized are not, the fic runs a risk of not getting accepted at all.

5.) The fanfic must be Beast Wars or a Beast Wars crossover. Original writing is also accepted.

6.) Necessary details such as the author's pen name, contact address for feedback, fanfic title and series title must be sent in with the fic, even when going to a beta reader. All those details will be passed onto the Fan Fiction Director (Sapphire).

Have any questions about the policies? Please feel free to email Sapphire at sapphire@bwint.net

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