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Dannn Sanew


Fan Fiction:

Return of the King of Schemes

Attack of the Kamikaze Penguins

The Birds Revolt


Blurred Lines

Mind Games
-Entry for Fanfic Challenge

Vivid Dream

 A world base on two dreams I had. If you are curious The first action part was my dream. It stop when the Predacons got hit by Dinobot magic attack. Also the Optimus dream was really mine.

Darker Days series

The Beginning of the End Buying Time Memories

Mocking Death series:

Cross Fire

ROV Fics:


Co-written Fics:


Conversation Fic

- Dannn and Darkshadow15 have started a new trend in fic writing.  Presenting the first conversation fic!  A fic co-written on Instant Messenger and kept in that format, so you can see the actual workshopping process of the fic.  An often entertaining and interesting view.  Blurb: What would happen if Tarry and Rampage scheme against Megs?



Original Stories:





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