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Beast Wars Rekindled

Chapter One: Robots in Disguise

Chapter Two: Ultimate Predacon

Chapter Three: Alliances

Chapter Four: Third Time's a Charmer

Chapter Five: Blossoming Attraction

Chapter Six: Race to Recharge

Chapter Seven: New Player

Chapter Eight: History's Mysteries

Chapter Nine: Old Player

Chapter Ten: Turning Point

Chapter 11: Aftermath

Chapter 12: Metal is the New Fur

Chapter 13: Dinobot's Dilemma

Chapter 14: Union of Machines

Chapter 15: Building Tension

Chapter 16: Uncertain Allies

Chapter 17: Zero Hour

Chapter 18: Living Legends




Chapter One: Rebirth

Chapter Two: Vehicon Resurrection

Chapter Three: That's Just Prime

Chapter Four: Nemesis Risen

Chapter Five: Primus' Paladin

Chapter Six: Mysteries Upon Mysteries

Chapter Seven: Fury of the Fuzor

Chapter Eight: Warrior's Calling

Chapter Nine: Return of the Emissary

Chapter Ten: Time Traveler

Chapter 11: Spark Searching

Chapter 12: Toppling Tripredacus

Chapter 13: Fate of the Fallen

Chapter 14: Binary Bash

Chapter 15: Resolution of Rage


Omega Wars

Chapter One: Pact of Demons

Chapter Two: Axalon Fall

Chapter 3: Predacon Honor

Chapter 4: Other Encounters

Chapter 5: Heralds



Contest of Wills

- What if there was more to Dinobot's sudden change at the end of Beast Wars? What if Rampage's evil was not defeated at the end by Depth Charge, but by a far older Beast Warrior? Dinobot's clone becomes a battleground as Maximal and Predacon meet in a contest of wills. (Note: Takes place during the episode Nemesis: Part 2).


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