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Megatron shows off his little-known impression of a vacuum cleaner. (By: Starath)

Cheetor after seeing the pilot of Beast Machines. (By: Dannn)

In this pic, Rattrap was trying to mimic one of Optimus's destiny and honor speeches. By just looking at Rhinox taking a snooze, we know that Rattrap was successful. (By Hacker)

By Amber

By Amber

By Amber


By Amber

By Amber

Optimus: Hold still Cheetor, there's this fly on the back of your head...." (By Hacker)

Thanks to Pacerpaw for this image.

I don't care WHAT Rattrap said, Dinobot, just help me get him down from there!   (By Pacerpaw)

- Thanks goes to Starath for finding and submitting this image!


Terrorsaur: "Do these wings make my arms look fat?"

Dinobot: "I cannot believe I was ever on your side. Ever." (By Varyn)



That look on Waspinator's face can only mean one of three things... 1. He just had a whole bag of sugar 2. He's going to get totally scrapped in approximately 3 seconds or 3. He just found out from a recent IQ test that he IS a genius (By Blaze Raptor)

*sigh* Guys and their "bonding" moments... (By Sinead)

The handybot’s secret weapon; duct tape! (By Nurannoniel)

"OOO, shiiiineeeeeey..."   (By Nurannoniel)


Super sonic, sub atomic, radio active---  (By Nurannoniel)

Surf's up!  (By Nurannoniel)


I wonder if Ford is looking for a new hood ornament design...   (By Nurannoniel)

Terrorsaur: Okay, Waspy, insert this cord here, and this--wait, no, NOT---*shove* SQUAWK!
Waspy: Did Wazzzbinator insert plug in right plazze?"
Terrorsaur:*winces* not exactly.
(By Kacheetah)



Dinobot: Did you take my pie?
Optimus Primal: Yeah. What are you gonna do about it?
Dinobot: I'm going in after it...   (By BigMD)



Air surfing! (By Wicked Woman)


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Cheetor: No! NO!! NOOO!!! Why, Primus?!? WHY?!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS UGLY FORM?!?!?!
Needless to say, even in his nightmares, Cheets' new TransMetal2 form would haunt everyone's nightmares - including his own.
- by József

Cheetor prepares to floss…
- by Waspimus Prime

- by Bernard

cheetor after eating a hot spicy pepper.
- by Jack 

Rattrap demonstrates the negative outcome of striking a fellow male in the groin.
- by PoisonBite

[Cheetor tries out for the role of 'Cave of Wonders' in Aladdin]
Cheetor: "Rawr! Who disturbs my slumber!"
- by Joshin Yasha


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