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Sapphire's Pictures and Captions!

The Covenant of Primus that Optimus was reading aloud lost the interest of its audience very quickly, if they were even interested to start with. (By Sapphire)

That look Primal gets on his face just before he begins a speech strikes horror into any Maximal with a short-attention span. (By Sapphire)

That look Primal gets on his face when someone isn't listening to one of his speeches. (By Sapphire)

Optimus working out on the monkey bars in his own private gym. (By Sapphire)

Silverbolt's expression tells us that Rattrap apparently made another bad joke. (By Sapphire)

Rattrap: What did ya say about them energon warts on my arm?!!  You wanna repeat dat, punk? (By Sapphire)





Dinobot's New Axalon I.D. Photo - one look at this and Optimus concluded two things: Dinobot wasn't very photogenic and two: He was a little mean-looking. (By Sapphire)

Rhinox: Let's. Tango. (By Sapphire)

This shot Rattrap took for a photo album early in the day concludes that Cheetor is NOT a morning person. (By Sapphire)

Waspinator makes a statement. (By Sapphire)

Blackarachnia:  This is it!  I can't take it any more!  First Tarantulas, then Quickstrike, then Silverbolt and now Cheetor?!  Goodbye cruel world!! (By Sapphire)

Megatron goes to sleep each night listening to 'Tips on how to be a Megalomaniac'.  (By Sapphire)

Rattrap: "Will you marry me?"  Well, come on girls!  Look him in the eyes and tell him he's not cute. ::chortles:: (By Sapphire)




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