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- Here come the Bots in Black (By Wicked Woman)

-Depth Charge: Um... I guess it's not safe to tell you that I used your mail box as target practice. (By Wicked Woman)

At the very least, Megatron was... displeased... with Inferno's rendition of the Macarena. (By Miss Special)

Rhinox: *wakes up* Huh? Where am I?
Rattrap: Well, uh... Starscream's spark came back and possessed ya big R. Said somethin' 'bout bringing fearless leader back to get more ratings fer a show called Beast Wars.     (By Wicked Woman)

Talk about 'self-absorbed...   (By Wicked Woman)


 - pic sent in by Starath

"Oh no not another one. You fangirls are worst than paparazzi! Can't go anywhere these days!" (By Dannn)


Thanks to Landray Depth Charge for submitting this pic.


Jack watches in awe as Cheetor attempts to explain quantum physics, with two sticks and a pebble.   (By: Sapphire)


- Thanks to Sinead for finding this image.


"Pssst... Rattrap... you forgot to say, 'I AM TRANSFORMED!!!'"    (By Outtsyder)


Dinobot: I TOLD YOU MOTHER! I'm not destined to be a farmer! I want to be a warrior!

DB's mom offscreen: Fightin' wars don't get the bills paid. Now git out there and harvest!      (By Zucca)


- After losing command of the Predacons, Megatron takes on a new job: head bouncer at TequilaCon's Bar-&-Grill. (By Outtsyder)


(By Starath)


The photographer was looking for evidence that Rampage was lying down on the job.  this would be the last picture he would ever take. (By Outtsyder)




"Tired of having to use biofocals to read at night, Megatron decided to try Laser Corrective Surgery." (By Caleb)


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- As you can see, DinoBot even does neck stretches everyday before he gets into battle. (By Wicked Woman)

- This is what happens when you question Rhinox's intelligence (By Wicked Woman)

- *sigh* Waspinator was out all night on a sugar binge again...

(By Wicked Woman)



Quickstrike: Hey, what're ya'll lookin' at? I'M PLAYIN' HIDE AN' SEEK HERE!!!
Silverbolt: *off screen* Found you Quickstrike!
Quickstrike: Aww! Now I'm it! (By Wicked Woman)


I see you!  (By Starath)



 - *Before this picture was taken* Rhinox: Cheetor, I'm sorry we weren't able to get you braces but we need an updated picture of you!

*After the picture was developed* Rhinox: There is no god. (By: Wicked Woman)


The look on Optimus Primal's face when someone actually listens to his speeches. (By: Domie)


Rampage: *laughs all perky-like* SOMEBODY GIVE ME A HUG!!!
Quickstrike: Dammit! Not again!!!  (By Wicked Woman)



Dinobot: Aw slag. Fangirls. (By Amanda)


Terrorsaur to Waspinator: You see? I told you that placing that hidden camera in Megatrons' mirror would pay off. Now we have actual proof that he's in love with himself. (By Anonymous)


Optimus had know idea that when Megatron said that he would be part of the fourth of July celebration that he'd really be part of it.

(By Wicked Woman)


Lasic eye surgery, anyone besides Silverbolt? Oh, and check out the clinic's hot, new model, Blackarachnia! (By Master Solo)


CH: "Has waspinator stopped his sugar binge yet?"

RT: "Nah it still ain't safe to go out there. I'll shoot 'im." (by Mairilyn)



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