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30 June 2009


Four 3D artworks by new artist Wishmaster

Two pieces by Jagna in her gallery

Numerous adorable Beast Wars emotes by Blaze Raptor Click here.

A few new pieces of BW art goodness by OOP.


30 March 2009


Four artworks by new artist SBert

Three pieces by Zargata in her new gallery

Three new pieces by OOP



8 February 2009


New art by Scorponis

Three pieces by Tor in her new gallery

Five new pieces by OOP


5 November 2008

I will be doing the art update in a few days, so if you have any artwork to submit, please do so soon.

In the meantime, here's a new piece by Optimal Optimus Primal:

Octopus Primal, by OOP

13 June, 2008

Three new pics from a new artist: Scorponis


5 May, 2008

Lots of art this update. Yay!

There is a new pic from Jagna this update. See it here: gallery

Lady Scale has sent in several new art pieces and a graphic.

Shockbox has sent in some more graphics.


15 March, 2008

Wow, we passed the 800 mark with fan art this month!

There are several new pictures from Jagna this update. See the new page to her gallery here.


14 December, 2007

All art should be sent to sapphire@bwint.net

There are several new art pieces from Jagna this update. See her gallery here.


15 September, 2007

Please note, due to the changes expressed in detail here, Fan Art updates will now be handled by Sapphire. All art should be sent to sapphire@bwint.net

There are several new art pieces from Dragonsflayme this week. See her gallery here.


September 8, 2007

I'd make an observation about the current time of year, but I did that last week. Oh. Hm.

I've added some of Wayward's art in her forum thread to her gallery.

August 25, 2007

As it turns out, I am able to update this week, albeit a little late because I forgot what day it was. Oops. :P

Kind of a moot point, though, as there's no new art. Ah, well.


August 18, 2007

In case you missed it last week, there may or may not be an update on the 25th. I won't know until that day either.

Now new art this week.


August 11, 2007

There might not be an update on August 25. But then again, there might. I don't know. :O

In any case, Nurannoniel has submitted a painting for this week's update.


August 4, 2007

My hand is sore from playing Mario Party. :D

No new art this week. D:


July 28, 2007

It doesn't have anything to do with fanart, but, as most of you probably know, I maintain the forum in addition to running the fanart portion of the site, and so I would like to point out that I have made a forum tutorial. Even if you already know the ins and outs of the forum, suggestions are welcome. :)

Anyways, Artemis-Lady-Warrior has submitted some art for this week's update.

July 21, 2007

Art updates are continuing to be consistent (obviously), but there's no new art this week, so that doesn't give me much to do.

'Til next week.

July 12, 2007

I think I am going to eat some cake soon. I am hungry, you see, and cake would not only remedy this, but taste good as well.

There's a new artist this week, Artemis-Lady-Warrior,

and the deviantART Directory has been updated.

July 8, 2007

I now return to the regular update schedule. No, really. I mean it. Barring any unforseen ISP explosions, computer deaths, and whatever else fate might think of to stop me, updates should be back to their regular-ish weekend... update... ness. Yes.

In any case, send in the art!

I didn't receive any art submissions while abroad, but I still have a couple things anyways:

I've updated Wayward's art gallery,

as well as added a submission to my own.

June 2, 2007

Wow, I just re-read the notes from the last update. Especially the part about the "if updates are postponed, I'll post a message." Yeah, sorry about that. Between papers, finals, and end-of-semester activities (none of which were particularly fun), it slipped my mind.

Anyways, I have some business to address:

First, I'm going to England with Sapph for a few weeks starting next week. I have no idea what that's going to do to updates, but I'll see what I can do. After England is Botcon, and I won't be able to update then. (That would be the very end of June into the beginning of July.

The second bit of business is something I should have said long ago. I don't know why I haven't, except that I was hoping the disclaimer at the bottom of just about every page on this site would cover things. However, due to a couple recent incidents, I guess I do need to go over them.
Art fraud is bad. Really bad. Don't take someone else's art-- drawings, graphics, whatever-- and claim it as your own. Similarly, altering a screenshot or someone else's art and saying you drew it is also bad. It's one thing to manipulate a screenshot and submit it as a graphic or send it in with a caption, it's a completely different matter when you say you actually took the time to sit down and painstakingly redraw it.
Dishonesty like this is grounds for removal of all your content from the site, as well as banned from the forum. (It should be known, however, that this kind of action will not be undertaken without sufficient proof, as well as a discussion with the perpetrator-- your stuff will not be randomly removed without your knowing about it.)
Similarly, linking stolen or otherwise ripped art from another site to the forum will likely result in a ban.

Also, it is completely not okay to take original content from this site and use it on yours without asking. Screenshots are one thing, graphics and art are another. They are the property of the person who made them, and you absolutely must get their consent prior to posting it on your site.

If you believe there is something of yours on this site that someone submitted, saying it was theirs, please contact me. I unfortunately lack omnipotnece, and so it's impossible to know if something belongs to someone else. I do the best I can, but something may slip through. All you have to do is drop me and email so the situation can be resolved.
(It should be noted that this sort of thing hasn't happened yet, but there's always the possibility.)

I've updated the art submission rules page to reflect this.


On to the actual art update!

Blaze Raptor has sent in some new Mini Chibis,

a new artist, Waspimus Prime, has submitted a collage,

and another new artist, Connor Behan, has sent in a painting.

May 5, 2007

School ends in the next few weeks, and so I'm starting to feel that end-of-semester crunch. As a result, updates might be postponed. If this happens, I'll post a message here.

New art this week from:



and the deviantART directory has been updated.

April 28, 2007

Sorry about the long delay between updates! Stuff just comes up sometimes, but at least there's a good amount of art to show for it, specifically:

some art and a comic from Lady Scale,

some art from Master Solo,

more art from Wayward,

a pic from a new artist, Distephano,

and the deviantART directory has been updated.

March 31, 2007

There's some new art this week from

Master Solo

and Wayward.


March 24, 2007

The deviantART directory has been updated.

March 11, 2007

No new art this week.

March 3, 2007

No new art this week.

February 17, 2007

And again, the art update is bigger than the fic update. Is this a trend or something?

Unlikely, since all the new art this week is by me.

February 10, 2007

The art update is larger than the fic update! Take that, fics! Think you're so great now?

...anyways, if I've forgotten anyone, feel free to smack me upside the head with a blunt object (try not to make a mess, though) and remind me.

There's several pieces from Araneae,

and an addition to Lady Scale's gallery.

December 9, 2006

This is the last art update until January. Next week, I will be dealing with finals (even on a Saturday) and thereafter I'm taking a break. Art updates will continue once the new year begins.

This week, there's one graphic from Master Solo.

December 2, 2006

There will most likely not be an art update the weekend of the 16th. Finals begin the day before, and I actually have a final on the 16th, which kind of sucks, since it's a Saturday, but the alternative would be to have it on the 20th. The sooner winter break starts, the better, so I'll sacrifice a Saturday for that.

In any case, there is no new art this week.

November 25, 2006

No new art this week.

November 18, 2006

Sorry if this week's update looks a little funny (and if it does, please tell me)-- I'm updating on a different computer with a different resolution.

This week, there's a pic from a new artist, Chichan,

and a pic from Blaze Raptor.

November 11, 2006

New art two weeks in a row! How about that?

Here's some new art from Landray Depth Charge,

and some from myself.

November 4, 2006

I don't know about any of you people, but lately, about 75% of the stuff that makes it into my inbox is spam. To avoid having your message being passed off as spam, please put some sort of Beast Wars International-related thing in your subject (most of you do this already). You could also add, "DON'T DELETE THIS, YOU IDIOT," however that is not required.

And, hey! We have art this week!

One pic from NightFire.

October 28, 2006

No art update this week.

October 21, 2006

I'm still not sure exactly what's happening next Saturday, but in all likelihood, the update will continue as normal.

Some art this week (Art! Gasp!) from Skyfire,

and I've updated the deviantART Directory, which I should've done weeks ago but forgot.

October 14, 2006

Nothing new this week, and nothing really to report except that there is a possibility that the update on the 28th of this month may come early, late, or not at all.

October 7, 2006

Back from Botcon! It was a blast-- you can read all about it in my convention report, which is probably linked on the main update page.

If any of you are visiting here for the first time, hi, and welcome to the site!

This week, there are a couple new drawings from Miss Special, who is coincidentally myself.

September 23, 2006

Ha! You came all the way here just to find out there's nothing! NOTHING! HAHAHA!

See you in a couple weeks. :D

September 9, 2006

This is the third week straight without any art submissions.

I warned you.

September 2, 2006

Again with the no-arty ness! If this keeps up, I'll have to draw a stick figure in MSpaint just to say there's something to update with! D:

August 25, 2006

Like I said, the art update this week is early.

Yes, folks, you get a whole lot of nothing one day early!

Not that I'm complaining. I need all the time I can get today.

August 19, 2006

Just a remider: Next week's art update will be early. I'd suggest mailing any submissions before Thursday if you want to make the update in time. The update itself will take place Thursday or (ideally) Friday. It definitely won't be on Saturday.

As for art this week:

there're a couple new pics from Landray Depth Charge,

and a drawing from Outtsyder.

August 12, 2006

Just to warn everyone, the update that would normally happen on August 26th will probably be early, either the Friday or Thursday before, so don't expect late submissions to make it in time.

I've typed up some scanning tips, in case you're interested.

This week, there's some art from Monarch,

a drawing from Master Solo,

and a couple of graphics from Sapphire, found here and here.

August 5, 2006

It's August now, which means school starts in a few weeks. Well, for me, anyways. For some people, it might be sooner, probably later for others, and then there are some people who don't get really long breaks from school.
I'm not sure how things are going to be in the future as far as spare time goes, but I'm hoping my load will lighten a bit.

Anyways, this week, there's some art from a new person known as Monarch,

I got off my lazy rear and posted some stuff in Beast Wars and non-BW galleries,

and the deviantART Directory has been updated.

July 30, 2006

Why an update on Sunday and not Saturday? I had to work yesterday and Sunday mornings are notoriously boring.

Anyways, this week there's a whole bunch of art from Alpha Prime.

July 22, 2006

Another week, another non-art update. I'd say more, but, um, what else is there to say?

July 15, 2006

No art update this week. The only pictures I was emailed this week were of my neice, and while she's cute, she doesn't have anything to do with Beast Wars.

July 8, 2006

Well, after a longer than expected hiatus, I have returned!


Anyways, I've posted all the backlogged art I've been sent:

A graphic from Master Solo,

and some art from a new artist, EmarylleSkye.

June 10, 2006

Go read the latest update page if you haven't already.


June 3, 2006

An update for the deviantART Directory

and a bunch of art from Alpha Prime.

May 27, 2006

No new art, but the deviantART Directory has been updated.

May 20, 2006

Actually, the art update's bigger than the fic update. Go figure.

Lots of new art from Araneae,

as well as several from Alpha Prime.

May 13, 2006

Well, school's not blown to pieces, but it's out, at least. :) One less thing to distract me from the important things.

There's a new art piece from Femme-bot this week.

May 6, 2006

I don't really have anything to say this update... so... on with the art!

This week, there's some more art from Alpha Prime.

April 30, 2006

Apologies for the late update, yesterday was a pretty busy day for me.

This week, there's some art from a new person, Alpha Prime. Welcome to the site!

April 22, 2006

Another week, another opportunity to say something deeply profound.

...In the words of my sister, "I like chocolate."


New stuff from Syntia in her gallery.

April 15, 2006

I, um, don't really have anything to say this week.
Not that I have anything to say most of the rest of the time.

*dances for your entertainment*

This week, there's some new art from Blaze Raptor, found here and here,

some new stuff from Master Solo,

and an addition to Araneae's gallery.

April 8, 2006

Spring break has arrived! Hurrah!

Also, it seems like my spam filters have gotten a little overzealous. I think I rescued everything that needed it, but if you sent something and I haven't posted it, that's probably why. If you think this might've happened, send it again with "Art for bwint-- this is not spam, you dork!" or something like that as the subject. That should make it easier to spot.

This week, there is a pic from Syntia!

April 1, 2006

There's no art update this week.

...April Fools!


...Wait, there really is no new art.
(I'm a bad person.)

March 25, 2006

Hey, April's coming up! That means Spring Break's just around the corner. *dances*

This week, there's an art piece from AcidWing,

a couple pics from Wayward,

and a whole lot of graphics from Outtsyder.

March 18, 2006

Wow, there's a really big art update this week!

(Yay for saying deep, thoughtful things.)

There's lots of stuff from Omicron the Ice Queen, including a couple comics,

some art from Blaze Raptor,

and some from a new artist, ChibiJaime.

March 11, 2006

And thus the 2006 Fanart Awards come to a close. Thanks goes to all artists, everyone who nominated, and everyone who voted. Without participation, the FA Awards wouldn't work, so they couldn't exist without you. :)

I've created a list of all nominations and all winners (including runners up), which will be linked to the Fanart Awards page after the awards ceremony. I've also made a gallery of all the art that won, which will be linked to the nominees/winners list.

As far as new art goes, there's a new addition to Landray Depth Charge's gallery.

March 4, 2006

So, how 'bout that weather? Almost 70 degrees (21C) last week, and this week there's snow and sixteen-hour power outages, none of which I'd mind so much if it didn't kill the internet connection in my room. Yes, I'm updating from clear on the other end of the house. How exciting for you, I'm sure.

Anyways, voting for the Fanart Awards is officially over! Thanks to all who participated, especially during the last week. The awards ceremony will be held on AIM (sn: Miss Special9912) next Saturday, March 11 at 3 pm EST. I'll also be on MSN by request (meaning, email me and I'll be on MSN).

This week, Araneae has some new art up for display,

and the deviantART Directory's been updated.

February 26, 2006

This is the last week you can vote for the Fanart Awards! If you haven't yet, please do so!
The awards ceremony is still TBA, as I'm not sure what my schedule's going to be like.

One new art piece this week, from Syntia.

February 18, 2006

Keep castin' those votes! As some guy once said, "Vote early, vote often." Well, don't vote more than once, because that's cheating and cheating may work for the Preds (and some Maximals), but it kind of defies the purpose of the whole Fanart Awards thing. Yeah.

And, see, there's no new art this week, so you can spend your art-viewing time on the Fanart Awards.

(Teehee, I'm so subtle.)

February 11, 2006

Voting for the Fanart Awards is officially open! You have until March 4 to cast your votes. Once you've looked over all the nominated pieces, go here and let Mister Poll handle things! There will be an option to see the results, but even if you use it, it won't mean anything, because I have skewed the results! That's right, only I know the real outcome! Ha HA!

I haven't decided on a date for the FA Awards Ceremony. I can tell you it will be held possibly on a Saturday, and it will be held in an AIM chat and maybe MSN, depending on if there are any requests for it.

There's a small art update this week, with an updated deviantART Directory,

a pic from Femme-bot,

and one from Nightfire.

February 4, 2006

Nominations for the Fanart Awards are officially closed!
Voting will begin next week. I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work-- most voting forms I'm familiar with allow only ten choices per category, and several categories have well exceeded ten nominations. I'll have something worked out by next week. In the meantime, go through the nominations list and figure out who you're going to vote for. :)

This week, there's some art from:

Rainynight, who now has her own art section,

A graphic and an animated gif from Sapphire,

and a couple art pieces from Landray Depth Charge.

January 28, 2006

The Fanart Awards are going very well, but there are a few categories that could still use some nominations! :)

Here's the updated list of nominations.

New art this week includes:

Some art from Skyfire,

some from Syntia,

and a non-BW pic from me.

January 21, 2006

Remember, the nominations period for the Fanart Awards ends February 4th! If you want to nominate, get them sent in before then!

I've got the current list of nominations up so you can see who's been nominated.

I've also updated the deviantART Directory,

added some art to Darkfire75's non-BW gallery,

and Skyfire's got an addition to the Comics page.

January 14, 2006

Yes, I have returned from my vacation! It was mostly good. I learned that driving 850 miles with one's slightly younger sister is easier than one would think.

Anyways, since it's the start of a new year (well, not the exact beginning, but close enough), it's time to kick off the Fanart Awards! Participation is encouraged! I've got a pretty extensive (I hope) FAQ, and once you've got your nominations together, you can send them in using the form I've provided or send me an email (check the FAQ page for more). You have until February 4 to nominate.
Also, at the risk of sounding threatening, if there is a lack of participation like last year, the awards are gone for good. This year, I'm not going to extend the dates or beg for nominations. If there isn't enough by Feb. 4 then they're canceled.

There's a bit of new art this week:

A graphic from Master Solo,

a newcomer, Syntia, has her own loverly section,

and I've got a new piece in my gallery.

December 17, 2005

I leave on vacation tomorrow. Please don't submit any art until I get back. I won't have decent internet and I won't be able to do anything with submissions. The next art update will be January 14, and I'll be back on the 8th, so you can flood me with all the art you'd like then.

This week,

there're a couple graphics from Sapphire, found here and here,

and some art from Darkfire.

My brother and I did this. We might have gone a bit overboard, but we had fun:

December 10, 2005

Next week is the last week there will be an art update until January, so if you've got something you're wanting to send in soon... um... send it in soon.

No art update this week, which is probably for the better considering I've got a lot of schoolwork to get done, but the deviantART Directory has been updated.

December 3, 2005

Hooray for December! Truth be told, I still think it's just a tad too early to get into the holiday spirit, but the radio stations seem to disagree. But December also means the end of the semester! That's right, two weeks to go! No more thirteen hour schooldays for me!

There's a small art update this week, with one art piece from Starath,

and one from Miss Special.

November 26, 2005

'Tis the season for Miss Spesh to announce her Christmas plans. See, a large chunk of MS's family lives on the other side of the country, and she generally goes to spend Christmas with them. Last year was an anomaly in that she actually stayed home.
Anyways, continuing to refer to herself in third person, Miss Special is leaving for Michigan on December 18 and will return on January 8. (Or seventh, but she thinks the airline called and said the date was changed.) During her time in the east, she will be unable to update, and will be without decent means of internet communication for some time.
Therefore, if one has art to submit, one should do it before she leaves if one does not want to wait for ahwile. The final update of the year will take place on December 17, so that's the day to get things in before.

This week, there's some art from Maria Sunderland

and a graphic from Sapphire.

(Note 12/3/05- Maria's art has been moved to the Comics section.)

November 19, 2005

Thanksgiving (for the US) is next Thursday, and I know I'm traveling for it, but I don't know how long I'm going to be gone. The art update might be a little late, but I should be able to get it up even if I'm not around at the usual updating time. Then again, I might be updating on schedule. I kinda really wish I knew.

Anyways, this week's art update includes:

a new pic from Starath,

and several from Araneae.

November 12, 2005

Another good update! Hooray!

Some more pics from Markatron,

another from Maria Sunderland,

and one from Landray Depth Charge.

November 5, 2005

Wow, there's a lot for art for this update!!

First, an update for the deviantART directory,

some art from Sinead,

and two great new artists,

Maria Sunderland

and Markatron!

October 29, 2005

Today's update's quite nice-sized, compared to some of the updates we've had!

The deviantART directory's been updated,

some new art from Blaze Raptor, including a new chibi,

a festive graphic from Lady Scale,

and an addition to Araneae's gallery.

October 22, 2005

I'm on the phone with my sister at the moment, so just imagine something witty and/or thoughtful here.

Dragonsflayme's got her own spiffity gallery, so go see!

October 15, 2005

Wow, October's half over already!

There's a new art piece in VampyerBA's section,

and the deviantART Directory's been updated.

October 8, 2005


Two new pics this week, both in AcidWing's art section.

October 1, 2005

Yes! It is the first day of October! I see crunchy leaves in my future!

Anyways, BotCon was a blast. I'm working on a writeup of it, and I've got some pictures. There'll also be a fun new feature as a result of an extremely cool BotCon-related windfall-- I should have it ready next week.

So how about that new layout, huh? ;)

This week, there's some new art from Araneae,

and an update for the deviantART Directory.

September 19, 2005

Look! Look! Do you see? Do you see the new layout?

Yes! For the past week-and-then-some, Sapph and I have been diligently going through EVERY PAGE (or just about, at least) to apply the pretty new things. Go ahead, play with the buttons. You know you want to.

There are obviously a few new or different things, and some things you should know:

Firstly, go and read the new rules and such, even if you've been here forever and a day. The rules have changed a bit-- nothing drastic, just things to keep me from pulling out my hair. Because that would make a big mess, and I can't see me wanting to clean up a big mess of hair after I've just pulled it all out.

(I've been working all day, can you tell?)

Some will notice that their art sections have been shifted around a bit and/or expanded. My eternal gratitide goes to the person who not only accepted a reduction in her art section, but was an extremely good sport about it. I've tried to reduce loading times, but it didn't always work. To those with dial-up, I share your pain. In a world of connections where things can download in the blink of an eye, I chug along at a snail's pace of 40K.

Second, go through as much of the site as you can. For those with art sections, it's your job to go through yours and tell me the things I missed*. I guarantee you I've missed something; I'm already compiling a list. I'll get to it when I'm less prone to writing extended metaphors or typing out the lyrics of the song I'm listening to. You don't want that, trust me.

Finally, there won't be an art update this weekend. I'm goin' to BotCon! Wish me luck, 'cuz I sure hope I don't meet anyone named Rita while I'm there! (If you catch my drift.) I'll be gone from Wednesday to late Sunday, so don't expect to hear from me.

*When you tell me things I've missed and/or botched, please, for the love of all things holy, use a little tact. Be nice. Something like, "Here's all mistakes you made. Geez, I've seen a panda do better work," isn't going to get you on my good side. Bad vibes will be sent your way.

September 10, 2005

Okay, the update this week is on time, but the update for next week is shaky, and the week after that is BotCon, so there won't be an update that weekend. Then things will return to normal and stay that way. Really. I mean it this time.

Lots of pics this week from a new artist, AcidWing.

September 3, 2005

>_> <_< The update next week will be late. They will go back to normal and stay that way, eventually. Really!
Also, the school's started again, and I'm really busy this semester, so sorry if I don't get back to you promptly.

This week's art update is biiig! And the art archive now sits at 603 pics! Joy!

Eight (count 'em!) new pics from Joshin Yasha

and one pic by Starath in her shiny new non-BW section.

August 28, 2005

Updates should return to their normal day at their normal time (Saturdays) next weekend.
But soon, the art archives will pass 600 pieces! Woo!

This weekend, Zucca's got an art section,

and Sapph's got a webgraphic.

August 24, 2005

There wasn't an update this weekend because of the Gathering, so here's a mid-week update! This weekend's update will probably be late, but there will be an update this weekend.

There's a new pic in my art section,

and some additions to the Comics section.

August 13, 2005

There's no art this week! Oh noes! D:

August 6 2005

There's a new artist this week! Check out VampyerBA's gallery.

And there's some new art from Landray Depth Charge, as well.

July 30, 2005

A small art update today, one pic added to Lynxia's gallery,

and the deviantART Directory's been updated.

July 23, 2005

...hey, summer's almost over! Man!

Two new artists this week!

A couple of pics by Araneae,

one by Femme-bot,

and the deviantART Directory's been updated.

July 16, 2005

Kinda figures that there's no art to update when I'm taking care of the whole site.

July 9, 2005

Did you know that the only reason I know what day it is, is because I have a calendar sitting next to me? Wouldn't surprise me if that goes for some of you, too. It is summer in the northern hemisphere, after all.

Anyways, it's another small art update.

A pic from Landray Depth Charge,

and one from Skyfire.

July 2, 2005

Happy belated Canada Day, and happy early Fourth of July!

Today's update is very small, but that's okay, because the last two were huge. The art archives is closing in on 600 pics!

There's a new pic from Lady Scale

and the deviantART directory has been updated.

June 25, 2005

Yes, I'm back from my vacation! It wasn't restful in the slightest, but it was pretty good overall.

Anyways, we have several more new artists!

Firstly, Master Solo has an art section,

as does Greth the Air Dragon,

and Optimal Optimus Primal (OOP),

and Skyfire's not new, but he's sent some art, too. ;)

The deviantART directory's been updated, as well.

June 11, 2005

Maaaaan, there are a lot of new artists this week!

I won't be here next weekend, but you can still send in art. If there's enough before I leave, I'll do a mid-week update.

There's a new pic from Juditangelo,

a graphic from Sinead,

Michael now has his own art gallery,

as well as NightFire,

not to mention Omicron the Ice Queen,

and please welcome Knight!

June 4, 2005

Wow! Two really nice updates in a row, and not only because I held art over from the last update!

There's more art from Fadura Shy. U,

and one from Wayward,

and one from Landray Depth Charge.

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