Beast Wars
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- Any Beast Wars Comics, so long as they're not too violent, can be featured at this page.  They need not be funny, but they must be BW-related.

Cooties by Lady Scale

Comics by Omicron the Ice Queen


The Disc of Power by Skyfire

Trust Me Partner, Page 00 by Maria Sunderland

Miss Special's Summer Comics
(Click on the pictures to see the full comics.)

- The Adventures of Megatron: a photo-webcomic by Micah McNully

- Valentine's Day by Blaze Raptor


Dinobot is Bored by Miss Special

Flower Story by Sapphire

- ridiculously silly cartoon put together with actual BW images with odd captions to make a story.

Waspinator Eats Apple by Ragedaisy

 - A very cute little comic.

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