NOTE: This BIG comic strip is purely for fun.  I love the Beast Warriors and respect them, but sometimes I enjoy

poking a little fun at them is all.  In order to maintain good quality, I had to make this comic strips pretty large, so you'll have to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the whole thing. To be read from left to right (eg. Optimus and Cheetor, Rhinox, Optimus with flowers, Dinobot, Rattrap etc.)  Enjoy!


Flower Story



And the conclusions is:  Rhinox finally remembered Cheetor and brought him a bouquet of assorted flowers.  He then began looking for that poison that was in fact a weed killer for his flower garden (where he'd been growing all of them!)  Little did he know that it had

somehow found itself into Dinobot's flowers.  Dinobot then decided to put it in Rattrap's energon soup and see what happens.

Rattrap wasn't hungry that night so he gave the soup to Blackarachnia.  She had one sip and thought it tasted disgusting (then it WAS Rattrap's after all) and she went and poured it out outside that night and it trickled down into a little stream which filtered through Rhinox's garden

Because of the mix with energon and Primus knows what else, the poison in the soup had mutated into a flower killer and by the next day, all Rhinox's flowers were dead, much to his dismay.

Moral of the story: Stick to chocolates.  It's much easier.

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