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Omicron the Ice Queen

Beast Wars Collide

Valley of Memories

Chapter One  || Chapter Two


Colony Reborn Saga

(Co-authored with L. Depth Charge)



What if you had another chance to get back all that you lost, all that was taken from you? Depth charge just got that unlikely chance


The Past

-Omicron is truly coning to terms with who she is, with some help from someone in the past. 




Summer Waters

- In the modern days there are still traces of something that happened thousands of years ago in what was called the Beast Wars. Some are stuck in the past others trying to move on and another is stuck in the middle of an ageless battle of two. A Beast Wars/07TF crossover.












Beast Wars Book 1

In honor of BWint-dotnet's classic insert stories. BWint forever! Meet Tallen. See Tallen meet a giant fire ant. See Tallen run for her life with a neatfreak and over protective fire ant as well as one loose tongue rat. Please watch out for some words.




Part 1: Oh Crap!


Part 2: Something Here


Summer Waters

Moments In Time
- I know it's been done before but I'm sure it has never been done like this. What if Depth Charge lived? What if Rampage wasn't the only 'outlaw/convict' that the Maximal ship was transporting? Can the ray ever truly live again now that his hunt is over? And WHAT is it with that Predacon!? Why does she keep making him remember long dead things and people? Wow, that's a lot of questions! You'll have to read to find out...XD


Give them mercy

- Pre-Beast Wars, a Depth Charge oneshot. Sometimes the only way to save someone is to end the pain...even if it hurts. ((Warning, if you don't like death then don't read)) Thoughts on the matter, story are welcome if they are within reason.

Feel The Rhythm Of The Ice
- Dinobot encounters a...strange being from another world and the Kora of Ice is on an adventure in the Beast Wars she really didn't want to go on. The biggest question is: How can the ice spirit get back to her island home Mata Nui where she's needed? Cross-over with Omicron’s Kora saga in the Bionicle, story is also co-authored By Sinead and Omicron.

Into the Pit

-Entry for Fanfic Challenge

Runner-up for "Best Overall Fanfic" 2005



- Co-written with Landray Depth Charge 

- Tied Winner of "Best Co-written Fic" and Runner-up for "Best Tear-jerker" 2005


I Will Live Again

- Co-written with Landray Depth Charge 


Ask Jazz

- Nominated for "Funniest Comedy" 2005



Part One || Part Two

 - Me + TF + BOTCON = No $$




You should REALLY let this dragon sleep!



- you just have to read it, an insanity fic.


They will guide me home

- a song for Omicron


Dreams of the Night


Spider Mates
-Entry for the Romance Fan Fiction Challenge


Tips on Glomping Your Favourite TF!!

- Nominated for Silly and Sweet '04

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