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L. Depth Charge

The Guardian Series:

- Nominated for "Best Series" 2005

Twenty-Four Hours

- Twenty-four hours and counting....first in the "Guardian" series.


Killer Companion

Part One

- Protoform X finds a friend. Second in "Guardian" series.


Dividing Line

- Former guardian Depth Charge discovers that the dividing line between the hunter and the hunted is thinner than he could have imagined. Third in "Guardian" series. NOTE: Dividing Line and Killer Companion do not have to be read in any order. They are not directly related to each other.



Colony Reborn Saga:

(Co-authored with Omicron the IceQueen)



What if you had another chance to get back all that you lost, all that was taken from you? Depth charge just got that unlikely chance


The Past

-Omicron is truly coning to terms with who she is, with some help from someone in the past. 



Destroying Justice Series:


The Beginning or the End

"Fate is a funny thing. Your entire life depends on the decisions you make, but sometimes Fate presents you with decisions of which both outcomes are undesirable. I know, it happened to me. This...is the path I chose." 
-- Depth Charge, February 16th, 2000
- - Runner-up for "Most Like a Beast Wars Episode" 2005. Prologue to series.



- First in the series. Read Beginning or the End first, that is a prequel to this. Reviews loved.


Destroying Justice

- Second in a series after [prologue] Beginning/End and [first] Homecoming.






- There is one name that all Maximals fear.



- A bit 'o' something on human cruelty.


Through Him

- A fic on Transformers culture.



- Runner-up for "Most Thought-Provoking" 2005


Judgement Day

- Meet the Parents, Beast Wars style! A young mech's life is about to change when his girlfriend invites him over to meet her father -- Depth Charge!  Bomb shelters are to your immediate left. (Co-written with Sapphire.) - Nominated for "Silliest and Sweetest & Most Creative Plot Idea " 2005



- Co-written with Omicron the Ice Queen

- Tied Winner of "Best Co-written Fic" and Runner-up for "Best Tear-jerker" 2005


I Will Live Again

- Co-written with Omicron the Ice Queen


Oceanic Food Chain

- Depth Charge asserts where he stands in the oceanic food chain. 



Original Stories:


I know




Screaming in the Rain


Character Profiles:


Depth Charge || Defcon  || Aquashock

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