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Special thanks to Beastbot for supplying many of the toy reviews. To see all of Beastbot's reviews, check out his website here. Thanks also to Wicked Woman, Skyfire, TM Ian and Greg for their reviews. While many of the images of the toys have been taken by the reviewers, some are property of bwtf.com

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Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Basic
Difficulty of Transformation: Very Easy
Color Scheme: Brown and yellow, with some light blue blue and grey (Original) Dark brown and orange, with some silvery grey and light blue (with video)
Rating: 5.8 (Original), 5.7 (with video)

Beast mode is a peregrine falcon. This mode is okay, but her arms are clearly visible from under her wings, and her underside looks awkward. Her wings can "flap" in and out by moving the two yellow pieces protruding out of her back. This is enhanced by flipping out claw pieces on her wings, to make it look like she is grabbing something in front of her.
Robot mode is a disappointment. Her feet don't look like feet, but backwards hawk feet (which is what they are). Her wings and her tail feathers stick out of her back, and, although they don't get in the way, they may cause the toy to lose its balance. She also has a neat little talon gun, but it's pretty easy to lose. There is also a noticeable hole between her finely-detailed robot head and her beast mode head, but this is a minor flaw. (There was a later version of Airazor that was repainted and packaged with a Beast Wars video, but I have been told the joints don't hold very well in this version.) Okay, but this is definitely not the best basic transformer.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Basic
Difficulty of Transformation: Very Easy
Color Scheme: Gray and brown, with patches of silver, red, and pink
Rating: 5.6

Beast mode is a rat. Nicely detailed, but that is where the positives of this mode end. There is almost no poseability, being that the feet are the only parts that can move. The robot legs are also pretty easily visible on the underside and back if you look at it from any angle close to a horizontal one.
Robot mode isn’t all that great, either. Unlike the TV show one, where his “rat extras” on his back are small, these rat extras stick out more than even Razorbeast’s, and really get in the way. It is also hard for him to stand up in this mode because he is so back-heavy. The poseability of this mode is pretty good, however. His guns are extremely easy to lose, but are otherwise a nice touch.
Not a particularly great transformer in either mode, but a nice foot soldier if you want a toy to play out battles based on the show.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Green, tan, light brown, and black, with some red and gold
Rating: 6.1

Beast mode is a rhino, and there are no obvious clues that this is a transformer, except for the lines in the “flesh” of the rhino. Again, however, this is a beast mode that does not have many movable parts, only the mouth and back legs. The front legs can technically move, but this leaves a noticeable gap between them and the rest of the body if you move them into any position except for the one shown above.
His robot mode had WAY, WAY too many extra rhino parts on it. They get in the way a lot and are not easy to tuck anywhere. While transforming, his front leg plates tend to come of his arms, so be careful. It is very hard to snap them back on. Also, his legs are sort of chunky in the front, but smaller in the back, making it look odd when he is standing straight. His face can also split apart to reveal a smaller face. His two weapons are your standard-issue sword, which is pretty nice, and a wicked spinning chainsaw with two chainballs attached to it.

All in all, an okay toy, with neat weapons, but Hasbro has made better.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: White and aquamarine, with some black
Rating: 7.3

Beast mode is a snow tiger. Barely any extras at all in this mode, just his gun on his belly and his upper part of his back legs give away that he’s a robot. His robot head is also visible through a hole in his lower neck. This is a repaint of Cheetor, although his body structure isn't much like a tiger; more like a panther or cheetah. Once again, the poseability is very limited in this mode, as only his back legs can move.
Robot mode is very nice, except for the tiger legs on his back get in the way, and his tiger face on his stomach sticks out and looks odd. Other than that, this mode is very good-looking, and this beast was well-designed, with a water-squirting gut gun and his tail flipping back to reveal a rather odd-looking laser gun. He has two faces, a mutant bug-like face and his face on the TV show.
Cheetor is slightly better, but still a nice transformer.

Optimus Primal

Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Ultra
Difficulty of Transformation: Easy
Color Scheme: Grey, white, red, and black, with a bit of blue
Rating: 7.7

Beast mode is a gorilla. There are no obvious hints he’s a robot except for the upper back of his legs and his arm pits. His face is kind of big proportionally, though, and his back legs are oddly jointed. There is decent articulation in this mode, as all his appendages can move in at least two places.
Robot mode is very nice. He doesn’t have his “prime jets” as in the TV show. But, he does have rocket launchers, two of them on his shoulders, and two of them in a pop-out compartment on his left arm. He has two samurai swords, which he can hold in either hand. He also has a skull club, although it looks too nasty for a Maximal. He can thump his arms against his chest by pressing a button on his back. He also has a mutant face, which also looks too nasty for a Maximal.
A recommended buy. A fair beast mode, and a great robot mode packed to the brim with weapons.


With battle mask and launchers

Optimus in Robot mode

In beast mode



Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Ultra
Difficulty of Transformation: Hard
Color Scheme: Light purple, purple, black, and some green, red, yellow, silver, and white
Rating: 7.9

Beast mode is a tyrannosaurus rex. This mode is one of the best beast modes I’ve seen, with no extras, top or bottom. The only slight clue is his back claws on his legs, which look like robot parts, and the very slight evidence of his grappling hook missles on his hips. This mode is very nicely detailed as well, with warts and signs of wear and tear all over. This mode is fairly well-articulated as well- the mouth, arms, and legs can all move, although if you move the legs too much, the hip pieces move with them...
Robot mode is very nice and well-crafted, but his tyrannosaurus halves on his back are large and can get in the way. One of his hands is his tyrannosaurus head, and you can take its tongue out and fill it up with water, then put the tongue back in. Then, when you open its mouth, it squirts it, like pretend "poison". Unlike the TV show one, his other hand can not be disconnected from the tail claw, but you can move his hand back and forth to make the claw snap. Two grappling-hook-shaped missles can be fired out of his flesh hip plates. He has two faces: a mutant bat/lizard face and the face used on the TV show. One of the major problems with this mode is his chest does not connect to his back very well, so it may come loose or his head may sink into his chest from time to time. It is a shame he doesn't have at least one real hand, though.
An excellent transformer in both modes, although robot mode has some extras.


Beast mode

Megatron in robot mode, looking aggro.

Megatron - side shot



Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Basic
Difficulty of transformation: Very Easy
Color Scheme: Light red and black, with patches of light green and purple
Rating: 4.7

Beast mode is an orange pterodactyl with green spots on its back. I think this mode is very weak. Although the mouth can open and close, there are no other movable parts except for the little legs, and the robot legs stick out way too much in this mode. The detailing on this toy is also only so-so.
Robot mode is disappointing, too. He looks more like a Maximal than a Predacon. The wings stick out a lot in the back, and the gun that he comes with is extremely easy to lose. There is a tab that can keep the gun stored in his back when you are not playing with it, but this doesn't keep you from losing it when the tiny thing falls out of his hands...
Overall, not that impressive, but you could do worse.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Purple, green, gold, black, yellow, and silver, with some creamy cyan
Rating: 7.6

Beast mode is a tarantula. He has a nice pattern on his back, and looks very nice. No extras in this mode except for his grappling hook in the back of his rump, and the robot feet easily visible from a rear view. The mode is pretty nicely detailed, and the legs are individually articulated, but there are no other points of articulation beside these. However, the pincers are too large proportionally, and the abdomen is too small.
Robot mode is okay; almost no extras except for his spider legs, which are machine guns in the TV series. They don't get in the way much, though. His grappling hook string can get all tangled up, and doesn’t fire that far from his gun. His has nice claws for hands, though, and a nicely done body and legs.
A good buy, if you can still find one.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Black, yellow, gray, and dark green, with some clear plastic, silver, light blue and dark purple
Rating: 6.8

Beast mode is a wasp. A nice mode, but there is one big drawback: his back insect legs are his robot legs that fold out. They don’t look like insect legs at all, but mutated hooves. Some smaller drawbacks include that his robot fists are very clearly seen under his wasp head, and his articulation is limited to his wings and back legs. The detailing is also only so-so, but the color scheme is pretty nice.
Robot mode is very nice. His mutant bee head is the show-accurate head, and his legs and wings are nicely done. However, his insect legs on his arms stick out a lot more than in the TV show, and can really get in the way. His stinger becomes a missle launcher, and little parts of his wings can come off and become missles.
A very nicely done transformer, except for the insect legs in beast mode, and the arms in robot mode. Recommended.



Reviewed by: Lord Skyfire

One of the most loved characters of the Beast Wars series unfortunately gets one of the worst looking toys.  In beast mode he looks fairly similar to the TV series version, aside from its chest area.  There’s great detail though on the scaly skin of the beast form.  His beast mouth opens and closes which is a nice touch.  In robot mode he comes with his trusty sword and rotating tail shield.  


I really don’t like this toy all too much.  I love Dinobot, but this toy just stinks.  His robotic form looks nothing like it does on the show.  His face is the wrong color, is missing a mouth, and his shoulders are higher than his head.  The moving parts don’t move as easy as others, also.



Ok this toy is very easy.  You could figure it out without directions and on the first try.  I’d say this toy is one of the easiest there is.

First off, fold the legs down from his beast chest and plant them firmly on the ground, while lifting up his tail.  Next, slide the beast legs straight up.  In an opposite position from where it started.  Then position the newly formed arms into place.  Next bend the small beast claws up so they appear to be grabbing his shoulders.  Finally fold down the beast head to become the chest.  There you have it! 


I don’t care much for this toy, but it's ok. 


 I give it a 4 out of 10


Dinobot in robot mode

Dinobot in beast mode



Reviewed by: Lord Skyfire


Aside from a few differences, Cheetor is very similar to his TV counterpart.  In beast mode his fur details give him a wonderful texture.  In robot mode he is very sturdy and looks very similar to the TV version, aside from the face, which lacks detail.  He comes with an armament of two guns.  One that sits on his bottom as his tail and another fits into his beast mode chest area. 



I only have a few problems with Cheetor.  In beast mode his hind legs have spikes coming off of them, which is not very cheetah looking… lol.  And his upper body area is very bulky, which cheetahs are supposed to have a lean slender body.  In robot mode his front legs rest on his back, but they are easily broken off, luckily I have not experienced that, but a friend has.  They just snap off so easily.  But other than that he’s a cool toy.



This toy is somewhat difficult at first to transform.  Since it’s an older toy extra care is needed and some joints don’t flow as easily as the other newer BW toys, Optimus TM, Rattrap TM, etc…  But with some practice and directions you can master him.  I’d say he’s a moderately easy toy to transform.

First off, fold down the fore legs until they can’t anymore; don’t force them!  Second, straighten the back legs out and twist the waist around.  Then twist the separate legs to have the blue metallic parts exposed.  Next, fold out the little blue feet, which reside in the back of its paws.  Now you have him standing up and you’re halfway there.  Next, pop out the arms and swivel them forward.  Then fold down the waist plate and position the beast head around to face front.  Finally flip the mutant head, which seems to be some sort of insect, up to reveal Cheetor’s face!


I like this toy.  I give it a 6 out of 10. 


Cheetor in robot mode

Cheetor in beast mode





 Reviewed by: Wicked Woman


            I’m sure you all remember Scorpinok if you’ve seen season 1. The toy is similar to the actual character on television except the toy is black and Scorpinok is well…blue. Other than that, the toy is detailed and it has a cool feature (if the moving scorpion tail isn’t cool then I don’t know what is). I especially love the color on the stinger the blend of blue and pink is really excellent.


            The robot mode has a mask over the actual face, which makes him more intimidating than he was in the series. The cyber bee, which is in his right claw, is easy to pull out if you want to see it. Just like Scorpinok, the cyber bee looks similar to the one shown on the show. You just pull down the top part of the claw (on Scorpinok’s right hand) to form wings.


Criticism: The only thing that I have a problem with the toy is the main color they used for him. Hello? He’s blue not black. Did the painter run out of blue paint, or is someone at Hasbro colorblind? (not that being color blind is a bad thing.) The only thing that was painted blue was the claws, face inside the battle mask and legs.


But the color scheme isn’t that bad, I’m kinda getting used to the whole black, blue and red look. After all, he ends up feeling black and blue in almost all the episodes in the series, right?


Transformation: I didn’t actually get Scorpinok’s transformation instructions, considering one of my sister’s friends gave it to me, but it’s really quite easy to transform Scorpinok.  The only thing you need to remember is to turn the stinger around when you want him in beast mode or robot mode. To keep the tail from falling over into where it goes in beast mode, just put the scorpion legs inward and they’ll hold the tail up.



Scorpinok toy: Ok, the review’s over. Now where’s my money?



I give Scorpinok an 8 out of 10


Faint Scorpinok toy voice: ONLY AN 8!!!


Images taken by Beastbot


(or as others would spell it Black Arachnia)


 Reviewed by: Wicked Woman

            Blackarachnia’s toy is somewhat, unimpressive in my opinion. It seems to me that they were planning on what Taranchulas should look like when making her. Not a toy I’d recommend unless you’re thinking about making Beast Wars into a soap opera and writing somewhere that the psychotic spider has an evil twin… or more realistically, a good twin. Unlike Scorpinok (the last toy I reviewed), Blackarachnia can stand up without leaning on anything. And a couple of spider legs are missing, one from each side (not my fault, one of my sister’s friends gave this toy to me).


Criticism: Blackarachnia’s toy doesn’t look a thing like her. It looks like oh, I don’t know…Taranchulas (which makes sense because it was made in the same mould as him.) The color scheme is okay but originally, she never had any green on her. Did they expect BA to be a guy, no, Taranchulas’ twin brother??? The only two things that makes her look different from her male look-a-like is 1, the color and 2, the fact that her head can rotate upwards to reveal her real face instead of that Taranchulas wannabe mask she has. And to make matters worse they got the number of eyes wrong. Hello!!! Spiders have eight eyes, not nine.


Transformation: Her transformation is quite easy, (Probably the same for Tarry) in fact, it’s extremely easy. So you can transform her robot mode back to beast mode very fast because the beast mode is much better.



I give BA a 5 out of 10





Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Mega
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Red, translucent red, and black, with bits of creamy gray, dark blue, green and purple
Rating: 7.0

Beast mode is a fire ant. His legs don’t hold him up at all in this mode, so he tends to sink to his belly. Also, his middle legs can break off easily, and his front and back legs look rather awkward, since they are so much thicker than his middle legs (they become his legs and arms in robot mode). However, you can see parts on his engine in robot mode through his ant “bulb”, so it makes these discomforts not so overruling. The detailing is only so-so, but the articulation on this mode is very nice, as all six legs can move, and his ant mouth and antennae can move as well.
Robot mode is definitely the best of the two. His face has a grinning, almost demonic look to it, and he has two guns, a flame thrower and a missile launcher. His hands end in claws, and his ant bulb opens up to reveal a revolving engine for flying. His middle ant legs can get in the way some, as can his bulb engine, but this is no big deal. The big deal is that the waist parts don't fit together very well (at least not on my toy), and this is VERY annoying. A word of caution; be careful when playing with this toy, as the ball joints may eventually wear out, and then you have a collapsible heap of cool-looking plastic parts.
A pretty poor beast mode, but an awesome robot mode.

Inferno in robot mode

Inferno in beast mode

Inferno opens his propeller-butt


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