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Transmetal 2



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Transmetal Two Cheetor

Reviewed by: Sapphire


The TM2 Cheetor toy looks pretty much like the character in the show.  So, appearance-wise he has accurate colours and markings.  His plastic, unfortunately, looks a little rubbery and cheap and his hands and feet are particularly nasty looking. The plastic looks like it will snap off if you fiddle with his toes and fingers too much.  Despite that, he actually has been built pretty solidly, and shouldn't break too easily.


His face, unlike some BW toys, is pretty much like it was in the show, with a crooked snarl as a mouth and glaring red optics.  He is plain yellow (without spots) with the grey metal patches on him represented by painted grey plastic areas that are fairly detailed.  His purple areas are a much shinier, flashier-looking plastic and look good on him. The panel on his hip opens up just like it did in the episode 'Go with the Flow', and a little Maximal symbol in a glowing green bubble represents his spark.


His tail is in a fixed stance, although you can swivel it around if you like, and it detaches easily to help make transforming him easier.  Cheetor stands in robot mode fairly well, although he is constantly in a hunched position, head looking at the ground.  He cannot stand up completely straight, because of his heavy arms.  His gun, which in beast mode is attached to his back as a rocket-blaster, detaches with some difficulty.  At first I was concerned I'd break it, it was so well-planted on his back, but with some careful manipulation it works free, and fits snugly into his robot hand.  The gun is in shiny purple and looks impressive.  It fits in either hand.  He has a powerful spring launcher, so his missile goes quite far.


His beast mode too looks accurate to the show.  It can only stand properly in one position, with one of the forearms  up in a thrashing motion.  It's annoying that he cannot be positioned any other way, but the position he works best in at least looks cool.  The main criticism I have of his beast mode is that he has a large gaping hole below his beast head, which looks like the designers just couldn't figure out a way to cover up that area.  You can see right inside him.




He's not the most difficult TF to transform, but he isn't particularly easy, either.  The hardest part is to swap the beast mode head (which tucks into his chest in robot mode) with the robot head, (which tucks into his chest in beast mode). The toy, new, comes with instructions and diagrams which, if followed should help you get him transformed first time.  Of course, you could battle with him by yourself, trying to remember how he transformed in the show, but unless you're proficient at transforming these guys, it's not advisable!


I give TM2 Cheetor 6.5 out of 10


TM2 Cheetor robot mode

TM2 Cheetor Beastmode

Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia:

Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal (although she has interchangable Maximal and Predacon orbs)
Size: Mega
Difficulty of Transformation: Hard
Color Scheme: Transmetal red (sometimes fading into transmetal silver and/or transmetal black), light purple, purple, black, yellow, and brown-purple
Rating: 7.6

Beast mode is a Transmetal 2 black widow spider. The primary color of this mode is transmetal red, rather than black, unlike other black widow spiders. This mode looks very nice, and, like most other Transmetal 2s, has a nice "freaky" look to it. There are very few extras in this mode; only part of Blackarachnia's robot mode feet sticking out of her abdomen, the back of her robot mode head on her beast mode rear, and her robot mode arms sticking out from under her head. While the head and feet extras can be easily ignored, the arm extras are extremely noticeable, and make this toy look like if has ten spider legs instead of eight. There are a few nice features in this mode as well; for one, Blackarachnia has a little disk on her upper abdomen that can change her spark orb from that of a Maximal's to that of a Predacon's. Part of her spider mouth and jaw can shoot out like a grappling hook- a nice effect, although there is no trigger or anything to fire it; you can only pull it out and let it reel itself back in.
Robot mode is not as nice as the beast mode, but nice still. The details on thie mode, as well as the other one, are very nice and asymmetrical. My main complaint I have with this mode are that there are an enormous amount of extras on it- over half of this mode's weight is extras! (The majority of them are not put on the show version.) These include her extremely large shoulder pads, her spider thorax and upper abdomen on her back, two other shoulder pads that point upwards, and all eight of her spider legs. These greatly take away from the movement of the toy, although most of them do look nice. Her jaw-grappling-hook becomes a weapon in this mode, which is nice, except it doesn't fit in her hand very well- her fingers get in the way unless you have in an exact position. Wanna know why the production of this toy was delayed about six months (May 1999- November 1999)? Because of this purple bra that overlays her other transmetal red bra. (This is not shown in the above picture.) Hasbro originally made it removable, but since parents obviously complained about this, they tried to glue the bra onto the rest of the toy. When that didn't work, they had to mold them all on. Here's an idea, Hasbro- FORGET THE STUPID THING! Sorry. Went a little haywire there. Anyway, there is another nice feature- Blackarachnia has a "roundhouse kick" action in her robot mode. When you push back her head, she's supposed to have her torso and legs automatically revolve once- but it doesn't work as well as it's supposed to, and her arms always disconnect from her body when you do this.
Blackarachnia has a sort of third mode as well- in her robot mode, you can rotate her large shoulder pads down to create her "defense mode", which is essentially just her with a shield covering her. This mode reminds me of Transmetal Airazor's "shield mode".
A very nice toy in beast mode, but this toy suffers heavily from extras and supposed "action features" that don't work very well in her robot mode. Very hard to transform the first few times as well.

Transmetal 2 Dinobot

Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Predacon
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Transmetal light purple, off-white, and dark blue, with some red
Beastbot’s Rating: 9.2

Beast mode is a metallic mutated velociraptor skeleton. This mode looks creepy and very evil. His tail can swing back and forth by moving a lever back and forth on his rear area. His legs look great and aren’t oddly placed like the original Dinobot’s, although they are a little skinny and don't support the beast mode too well. The only major complaint I have is his arms look odd because they are his legs in his robot mode. They also can’t close together very well. He has a great pouncing position, though. His Transmetal 2 orb is under his forehead plate.
Robot mode looks very evil, also. He has some wires on his arms and legs, which get in the way a little, but look nice. His claws are odd looking, but very fierce and large. His face has a nice mutated look to it, with one of his eyes being a circular laser generator. His shoulder armor does stick out a bit, but can fold easily. His back plates can come loose a little easily. His arms are a little longer in proportion to his body than his legs, but they look nice this way.
A very nice robot; highly recommended if you like Predacons.


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