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Reviewed by: Sapphire

Note:  I have the Japanese version of Quickstrike

I was given this toy as a gift, and a very happily received one at that!  Quickstrike is true to the Beast Wars show.  His colours are correct and he is small, but not too small.  Not only that, but his snake head actually works as a water-squirter.  If you want to get really technical, you can make him suck up water with a green colourant in it, and lo! and behold, he'll be firing a green beam like in the TV show. The plastic is not very high-quality and it is semi-transparent, but even so, he still looks great.

Criticism: Really, I can't think of anything, other than that in beast mode his legs don't tuck in quite as neatly as I'd like, but that's really nit-picking.

Transformation: Ha!  I can actually transform this one!  From robot to beast mode is simple.  All you do is tuck his head in all the way until the back flap is upright and level with the rest of his body.  Then you turn his arm with the legs attached towards the right and they tuck in underneath the body.  His head folds into a flat little compartment.  Straighten his front claws and his tail so they are facing forwards, put him on his belly and voila!  He's in beast mode.  To transform him to robot mode is easy too. Just take his legs and slide them out again, even if you have to twist them a little.  His robot head underneath should now be in the same direction as his beast mode head.  Push the butt-flap of his beast mode right out and then his robot head will pop up!  If necessary, turn both sets of legs so that they are facing the right way and there you have it; he's in robot mode.

I give Quickstrike 8/10.


Reviewed by: Beastbot

Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Gray, black, yellow, and gold, with some spots of red and white
Rating: 8.0

Beast mode is an eagle with a wolf head and wolf back feet. This character looks like a mythical character, not like a fuzor. This mode is very nicely done; the only negative thing I have to say about it is the fact that the robot arms can be seen somewhat easily inside the flaps on the beast mode back legs. The detailing and articulation in this mode is superb. The leg proportions are a little off, though, as the front legs are nearly twice as large as the back legs.
His robot mode has some extras, though. His eagle tail feathers and wings sort of stick out, and so does his wolf back legs off his arms. His wings are supposed to show, though. His basic body of this mode looks surprisingly normal for a fuzor. The only major problem with this mode, other than the extras, is his little “connectors” that hold his waist together can come apart easily. His last feather on his wings can be fired like a missle if you pull his tailfeathers. These can be fired from his beast mode, too. These also can double as swords, but they look too stumpy for that.
A very nice transformer; one of the best fuzors.

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