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The First Bwint Fan Fiction Challenge!

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A special thank you goes out to Dannn, Sinead, Omicron the Ice Queen and VampyerBA for entering this competition.  There was a worrying time we didn't think we'd have enough submissions to make a contest at all, but thanks to your participation, BWInt was able to pull off its very first Fan Fiction challenge.  Miss Special and I would like to commend you all on a good effort and say that we both thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries.


Mr. Crowley

- A new Maximal enters the beast wars, arriving with strange powers. But, how did he get them and what is he hiding from his past? Stand Alone. Written for the BWINT Thriller contest.

By: VampyerBA

Congratulations to VampyerBA!  Her fic will merit this star and a special link on the Fan Fiction page for a time.

Again, thank you all for trying!  Because of your interest, there will be another Fan Fiction Challenge for another genre sometime in the future.

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