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- When one of the Maximals finds an off-line body, he wonders about what happened and he learns the cruelty of the world.


Power of Love
- Erika, a mute with asthma believes life to be unfair and longs to be loved. When Maria, the day-care supervisor, tries to give her some love, she runs away into the forest. Can the animals give her love, or will she be doomed to be without the will to live?

Guardian of Dreams
- Yue's never had a friend in her life. When she travels to the dream world for the first time (or so she thinks) she meets an older look-a-like of herself. Will the two of them become friends?

Series: Tree-Climber

Forgotten Knowledge

- First in the Tree-Climber series. Who is this new bot? An introduction to the Tree-Climber series.

Tree-Climber meets the Sourpuss

- When Tree-Climber meets Megatron, he's going to have the heck annoyed out of him!

Truth Or Dare
- It's a rainy day, so Tree-Climber decides to have a little fun...

- Tree-Climber gets a strange dream, and wonders about it.

Tree-Climber, Sanity and Friends
-Insanity rules this one. Tree-Climber meets a dragon, drives him crazy with mushrooms and pickles and shuts him back in a stasis pod, randomly pressing buttons! Yes! Goooo Randomness!

- Sixth in the Tree-Climber series. Tree-Climber brings back a new Maximal and makes a new friend all at once! But Kameko may be more than she seems...

Series: Mixed Emotions Series (Sequel to the Tree-Climber series)

- Prologue to the Mixed Emotions series. Ghiaccio falls in love with Fuoco, a femme with Aral Syndrome. When she dies, he is heartbroken. How can he go on without her?

White Fang

Part One || Part Two || Part Three
- The beginning of the Mixed Emotions series. A new bot enters the BeastWars and begins to lighten up the moods of his fellow Maximals. When this seemingly nice and perfect bot is revealed to be an Akrilsys(a kind of bot considered lesser and of lower rank than normal transformers. Akrilysis are also known to be called 'freaks' because of their special powers.), his feelings are hurt at being shunned by his friends and he leaves the base. Megatron has been waiting for this. He can't wait for another addition to the Predacons. Can the Maximals bring him back, or will he become a mindless drone loyal to only Megatron?

- Nominated for Most Loved Character (White Fang) '06


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