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Traitor and Warrior: All about Honor

- Dinobot lived after saving the humans and the Maximals ended up winning, so everybody went home and the Preds were imprisoned.  Dinobot decided to tell war stories sometime after that.  Related to Code of Honor.


Sang Real

- Why did those Maximals use the spark that they did when they created X? What about this person made him special?


- As Dinobot kneels with his sword in his first Code of Hero scene, he contemplates on what he believes to be the only remaining path to redemption. Drabble.


Defintition of a Lady

- Silverbolt drabble

Series: Code of Honor

- What if Dinobot survives Code of Hero?

Code of Honor


(Alternate Prologue here)



Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three


The Agendas

Part One:

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four

Part Two(Chapter Five) || Chapter 6

- Someone commented that it's a shame Dinobot wasn't alive in the Agendas, so here is the rewrite of these three episodes according to the Code of Honor timeline. Ravage is here and Dinobot's past is revealed.




Enter Silverbolt, Maximal Knight

- It's a poem dedicated to Bolts. - Nominated for "Best Beast Wars Poem" 2005


The Beast Wars Name Poems

- A collection of short poems based off the names of some Maximals and some Predacons.



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