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Don't Call Me Queen!

- What would happen if Inferno finally realised that Megatron was male? Afterall, males can't possibly be queens (a big thanks goes to Albedo for letting me use her character) oh yeah, and please R&R! - Runner-up for "Funniest Comedy" 2005


Truth and Justice

- how does DC 'really' see Rampage...



- Why exactly did Rampage let go of the shard??



Big R

- No one ever gives Rhinox much thought, but he's the exact opposite.



- A look at just what effects the Beast wars had on someone you'd never suspect.



 - through the eyes of a child, there can only ever be innocence... Rampage/Protoform X



Past Caring

- Poor Airazor, she always loved life so much. The Vok changed all that.

Tied for runner-up for Best Tear-jerker '04


Thoughts of a Warrior

- There's more to Dinobot than just teeth and growls.

Thoughts of a Tyrant

- Poor Megatron, he wasn't dealt a very good hand was he?


Life After Death

- TM2 Dinobot; cold, powerful, efficient. But still Dinobot just the same.


Honour Bound

- Is the Predacon honour code just a fallacy???


Happily ever after...

- a classic fairy tale done BW style...



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