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The Fifth Bwint Fan Fiction Challenge!

Deadline: when there are enough entries!

The challenge is to write a compelling mystery. The fic should have an event of some kind that causes confusion and intrigue and characters will need to investigate matters. It can be set in any season in Beast Wars provided that the original casts are utilised. Self-created characters (characters the author makes up) can be used, but the fic should be based primarily around the original Beast Warriors. There is no limited length, but it should be in as few parts as possible. A fic with many parts can be daunting and difficult to get through. You need not make it serious; it can be a comedic or cheesy mystery as well. It can also have elements of suspense in it. The possibilities are endless! Write a whodunnit or a weird phenomena that needs investigating. So long as your reader is deeply interested to find out what's going on right until the very end, your fic will stand a good chance of winning! Make sure you come up with a witty and surprising ending, though, as a good mystery is one that lasts til the final page.

It's to be a standalone and not a series.  The highest rating allowed is PG-13. The judges will not be editors. 

Submissions to be sent to: sapphire@bwint.net

Note: For this challenge, co-written fanfics are allowed. However, if you would prefer to enter one you've written alone, that is also accepted.

The judges for the challenge are Sapphire and Starath.

Winner gets their fic as Featured Fic for a time on the Fan Fiction main page and a special award sticker on their fic.


The Theft of the Rubber Ducky, by Waspimus Prime

I Will Be Back, by 7Knight-Wolf

Airazor and the Wall

- Can you guess who’s on the other side?

By: Tor


The Case of the Missing Snicker Doodles, by SBert


Metallionettes, by Haystack

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