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Starbolt the Cowardly Pred

- Ever wondered what a cowardly character could do in the Beast War world?


Lyrics of a Hero: A Musical


Distrust in Dinobot

- Entry for the Mystery Fan Fic Challenge 2008. Blurb: Can you really trust a velociraptor?


I Love Ping Pong

- A silly little song.


Airazor and the Wall

- Can you guess who’s on the other side?

WINNER of the BWINT Mystery Fan Fiction Challenge 2008/9.


Series: Big Brother

- You would think you'd be happy to see your long-lost brother? Think again.



- First in the series.


Brotherly Betrayal

- The traitor returns to the Maximals, with the comforting knowledge Cheetor is dead. But is he? Second in the series.



- The Maximals have been expelled from the Axalon. Cheetor has more than survival on his mind. Third in the series.


Series: Two Sides


Teenage Troubles

- She’s got bigger problems than puberty.



- She hates one and is crushing on the other.


The Downward Spiral

- Her spark can’t take much more of it.




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