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Beast Wars Mistakes and Animation Odds

Deep Metal - Depth Charge switches between having four and five fingers in this and some other episodes.

- Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for this image

- You may notice that when DC sends his missile/scanner out, it doesn't have its missiles in it.

Changing of the Guard - When Rattrap is speeding away from inferno in vehicle mode, you can once again see a floating piece of Swiss cheese in his P.O.V.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image.


- After Rattrap's little submarine has stopped bouncing among all those rocks on the beach like a pinball, you can see 'Tilt' in his eyes (like a pinball machine!) and his tongue is lolling out.


Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image.


1) Listen carefully for the following sounds when Rattrap is being assigned the mission:
1, a swurrly sound and 2, a chicken sound.

2) There is a cloud bubble beside Cheetor of him in Transformer beast mode playing with the same vessel Rattrap was to go into.

3) After Inferno pushes a tree onto the ledge, Rattrap does several three-sixties as Sentinel flies out of his hands.

4) Rattrap literaly goes fishing for Sentinel.

5) When Silverbolt, Depth Charge and Rattrap collide into each other, they stay in mid air for about 4 to 5 seconds before falling.

6) Sentinel is still in the air as they fall and before Inferno grabs it and flees.


 - When Rampage is looking for Depth Charge on the lake floor, he spots his tail.  He says: "Come out come out, time to play!"  He falls backwards, holding DC's tail, but he also has (for an instant) half DC's body!


-Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for submitting these images!


Cutting Edge - When Cheetor is entertaining Jak and Una is intimidating Blackarachnia, look at the radar screen with Blackarachnia: on it is a human symbol of a question mark, which is strange because Transformers have their own written language.

Go with the Flow - When Cheetor and the early humans are first attacked keep an eye on the chalkboard in the background. On it you'll briefly see a crude stick monkey drawing. The monkey is holding a stick with a string tied to it and a rock on the string!

Master Blaster - In the scene where Rattrap and Cheetor are lugging around crates, in the background, sitting between two large crates, is a stuffed panda bear!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image.


Feral Scream Part One- Check out Megatron's designer chair (like, season 1 body designer!)


Thanks to Lady Scale for finding these images.


Thanks to Lady Scale for finding these images.

- Depth Charge pulls a sneaky Houdini.


Feral Scream Part Two - I'm sure most people have noticed the cool things we see as the camera zooms in on Cheetor in his room.  Here are a few of them!


Toy replica of the Axalon, a solar system play-set

A Unicron toy, a Predacon trophy, a photo of season 1 Cheetor and Optimus

A picture of Blackarachnia and three tail whips from his TM form

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding these images.


- Watch Optimal Optimus as he's walking through the jungle with Cheetor, (looking for the cyber creature's "remains").  His gorilla urges are obviously still there, because he reaches for some bananas!



- Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for this image!


- In Feral Scream pt 2, Optimus did some weird trick with his spark. It suddenly started to glow! Was this a sign of Beast Machines???!!!


- During Cheetor's nightmare, Silverbolt offers Balcarachnia's bust protection after she says, "It's hideous!" Quite unknightly. (Thanks to Sam for mentioning this.)


Proving Grounds - After TM2 Dinobot has been struck by Blackarachnia's cyber venom arrow, it seems his eye changed shape!



Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


Crossing the Rubicon - If you watch this episode, you’ll notice that Black Arachnia’s injuries (dirty metal) disappear from one scene to another… this is shown throughout the whole episode.

Thanks goes to Master Solo for these screenshots!

Nemesis Part One - As Optimus is making his 'Covenant of Primus' speech, one can see TM2 Blackarachnia lugging crates in the background...with TM Cheetor!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

- When Waspinator has his tantrum in front of Inferno and Quickstrike (where he declares he has quit the Predacons) he speaks in first person for the first time! "I said NO!"

- In the scene where TM2 Dinobot is about to squeeze his spark to punish a badly behaved Rampage, one will notice his shoulder blades are missing!  (At least I think this image belongs to this episode.  Will have to check myself.)

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


- When Megatron discovers the hatch, he goes underground with Rampage and Dinobot. Dinobot is seen to go down first, then Megatron and in the end, Rampage. However, when they get to the base, one can see that Megatron is first, Rampage goes down the second and after some time we see that Dinobot climbs down the ladder as the last one.

Nemesis Part Two - In the scene where the attraction beam is on over the Ark, some of the things floating around are: Blackarachnia's gun, one of Inferno's guns, two of Rattrap's bombs, Depth Charge's gun, one of Rhinox's chain guns and TM2 Dinobot's hologram projector.  A kind of microphone thing (which apparently featured in 'Equal Measures') is among the floating too!

Also note that during this scene, as Rattrap says "we're all gonna die", he is missing a lot of his back-rat kibble.


- Have you ever noticed that in most of the episodes in the whole Beast Wars series that there is no shadow underneath any of the characters? Are they floating? 

- Why don't we hear Megatron say Cheetor's name? It's always young one this, pussy cat that or just 'Maximal'. He knows everyone else's name doesn't he?

- Watch out for the little images on some of Rampage's missiles.  One has a peace sign, one an atom bomb symbol and one has a skull and cross bones!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding these images.


- Depth Charge also sported his own little designs on his missiles.  Check out the little shark faces:


- Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for this image!


- Anyone notice the little spider logo on Tarantulas's arachnoid workers?


- - Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for these images!


- Thanks to Lady Scale for these images!

Oh dear, proof that Rampage should rather be dead before the episode 'Nemesis'.


And here's a picture of the one, the only....

Megatron's rubber ducky! (Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!)

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