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  Beast Wars Mistakes and Animation Odds

Most of you will, when watching your Beast Wars tapes, DVDs or even viewing an episode on TV, have picked up on some odd things that feature in the BW TV show.   Many fans of the show have sent in their observations to be displayed here. This page is a list of the mistakes and oddities to watch out for next time you watch a Beast Wars episode!



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Season One:

Beast Wars: Part 1

- Special thanks to CabooseMoose7103 for this blooper, including the image.

- After the two ships crash on Earth, twin clouds of smoke go up in the air and for a second the two clouds take on the shapes of skulls.

- When Cheetor is battling Waspinator, Waspinator uses a purple eye laser. He then never uses it in season 2 or 3.

Beast Wars: Part 2

- The first time Dinobot transformed, the metallic parts of the body didn't appear!

- This episode is the only one in which we can see Megatron shooting plasma shots instead of his purple laser beam.

-Often, when the 'Energon mountain' appears in the distance, a large piece of energon in the foreground clips and flickers, making it appear
as though the energon is appearing and disappearing at random.
-After the energon mountain explodes and the Maximals are seen ducking for cover, every shot where Optimus Primal and Dinobot are in the foreground do not feature any of the other Maximals in the background, even though they were seen standing behind the pair moments earlier, and both Rattrap and Rhinox are seen when Rattrap thinks they have won. Oddly enough, Cheetor is no longer in the scene.
-The very same scene features a lot of rubble from the destroyed mountain in close ups of Rattrap and Rhinox, but relatively little rubble when Optimus Primal and Dinobot are in the foreground.

- When Megatron says "This is our opportunity, yess! All weapons!!!", you'll probably not have noticed that Scorponok's optics are red for the first time in beast wars history!

The Web - In the dream sequence Cheetor has about defeating some of the Predacons, there is a very brief flash of Rattrap.  This is some kind of psychic glimpse into the future, as later in the episode Rattrap will appear to free Cheetor from Tarantulas's web.

- When Cheetor goes off-line after Scorponok shot him, he misses two things: The Maximal symbol on his forehead, AND his freckles.

- At the beginning of Cheetor's mysterious dream, is the one and only Starscream!(this guy loves his cameos!):)

- Just before Tarantulas puts on his special vision goggles to look for RT, look at the computer; it's back on full again!

- When Rattrap is holding the apple, watch it; a black worm goes through it! (very quickly, I must say)

-  In the Web, Rattrap was eating an Apple and at the end he said 'I've got garbage to munch'. two things wrong with that:
1, Where the heck is this mysterious 'Garbage'?
2, In Beast Machines episode Forbidden Fruit, Cheetor says 'We don't need food, we survive with energon... period'.

Even if Cheetor was wrong in Beast Machines, you've got to admit that the whole Garbage thing is still wrong.

Equal Measures -When Waspinator and Scorponok have Cheetor trapped in the air ducts, Scorponok's missile displays the Maximal symbol instead of Predacon

-A major plot point is that due to a Energon vein running beneath both ships, the destruction of either Predacon or Maximal bases would
destroy the other. This is never mentioned again and frequently contradicted due to the repeated explosions at both.

Chain of Command- When Dinobot awakens in the CR chamber, the table of the base is not there. However, in the next escene of the votes, the table appears again!

Fallen Comrades - Waspinator lacks stripes on his rear.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

Possesion - Anyone notice how Waspinator's Predacon symbol on his head changed to a Decepticon symbol when he was possessed by Star Scream?

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


- Megatron had no t-rex head where it should be, but instead he had an ordinary hand in this scene from the Season 1 episode "Possession" Just when he replies to Waspinator "Not you you imbecile, the COMPUTER!"

- Thanks to Pacerpaw for finding this image!


- In the scene where Optimus is standing over a defeated Star Scream/Waspinator, he says: "Hasta Lavista, Starscream" after which he flies up and away.  But just before he leaves, a pair of sunglasses appear on his optics!



- When the Maximals are outside the base, when Primal's saying he has no choice, the blue side plates on his head stretch down to his neck.

-When primal leaps onto the table he fires his gun. Then ,when waspinator/starscream says 'he's no match for the two of us!' Blackarachnia's spider legs have vanished.

The Low Road - In the scene where Scorponok is searching for more of a virus Megatron wanted (he's in Tarantulas' lab), if you look closely in the background a picture of Megatron in beast mode is visible, with darts on it!      Also look out for the piece of Waspinator.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

- When the Maximals arrive in Scorponok's lab, look at Airazor!  She's leaning on Optimus's leg!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


- At the beginning, when Dinobot and Rattrap are slashing beans outside the Axalon, one of Rattrap's swords is actually one of Optimus's

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


Double Jeopardy - When Terrorsaur has taken over the Predacons and is making his speech, watch Rattrap in the background.  He's behind Terrorsaur making funny hand movements!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding these images!


- Terrorsaur orders Rattrap to fire on Optimus. If you watch carefully, you'll see Terrorsaur push Rattrap a little bit (this was the shot that hit Optimus), revealing that RT was telling the truth when he said he was trying to miss.

Law of the Jungle - In the end scene where Tigatron decided to help Dinobot and Optimus fight Terrorsaur, Waspinator and Inferno, he leaps in front of Dinobot and Optimus and transforms to robot mode. He waves a finger and says to the Preds something like: "You'll hurt no more beasts today!" Watch in the background, Optimus and Dinobot are shaking their heads and fingers too!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

Call of the Wild - At the end of 'Gorilla Warfare' Dinobot gave Optimus some flowers.  Watch out for them again in Optimus' room!

- Megatron keeps the device in a table, and its picture is the same as the Maximals' base's floor.


From 'Gorilla Warfare'. Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

The Probe - In a scene where Cheetor tries to come to Tigatron's aid he says to Tarantulas "Hold it right there, Chuckles!  Now don't make any funny moves...."  Tarantulas shifts his leg and scratches his rear (rather quickly, I might add.)

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

 - Sentinel was told to stand down... Sentinel wasn't created until 'A Better Mouse Trap'. 

- When Terrorsaur comes to the Maximals and opens fire, this is the only time we see Finobot use his eye lasers and his eyes don't go green.

- Just after Optimus gets hit by that beam that forces him into beast mode, Megatron's claws on his feet are missing.

Dark Voyage - When Rattrap's trying to find Cheetor (who is being crushed by the python) Rattrap is, if you look closely, not on the ground! He's hovering slightly!

A Better Mousetrap - It appears that the Beast Wars writers may or may not know how to count. A Better Mousetrap is actually episode 9 while The Probe is episode 11: The writers mixed them up.

Victory - When Dinobot is giving a speech describing Tarantulas, his beast mode's eyes (which are always on his chest plate when he's in robot mode) aren't there.

Dark Designs - In this episode, when the Maximals burst into the Predacon base, there is a moment where Waspinator makes a nose dive into a platform and pronounces the Transformers slogan:"...more than meets the eye".

The Trigger Part 1 - When Terrorsaur and Waspinator are first reporting to Megs after getting slagged by the Obelisk (right after Megs yells "Tigatron did THIS to you?!"), Waspy's missing his stripes again for two shots. After the flashback to the Flying Island, his black stripes return. 

- Just after Scorponok and Blackarachnia are told to go to the island, Scorponok's optics turn red. This also appears when he pulls out his cyberbee, and numerous times throughout the whole season.

The Trigger Part 2- Rhinox saves a plant when he goes out the Axalon. And when they're going out, though inside are Cheetor Dinobot and Rhinox, we only see Dinobot and Rhinox in the plataforms.

Spider's Game: - Near the end of the ep, Tigatron's chestplate in robot mode (The Tiger head) has a black eye.

Gorilla Warfare - Scorpinok usually has yellow optics. In this episode, before he went over the falls, his optics turned red. It was then back to yellow for the rest of the episode.

- In scorponok's lab we can see one of Tarantulas's hands and a hand of Megatron.

- Anyone else notice that in Gorilla Warfare, Optimus did a great impression of Jason (Friday the 13th) when he stalked down the Preds (Tarry and Waspy)?: Tarantulas plays the character who always has to try and shoot Jason.
Waspy plays the character who always runs from Jason (minus the screaming)

- Watch Cheetor when he goes to give Optimus the antidote near the end of the episode. When Cheetor is taking it out the antidote is flying and not following the hand movement!

Before the Storm - At the start of the episode, as the camera moves up from Megatron's T-rex hand, in the background a portrait of another purple bot (similar to him, but not the same) is visible.  Some have suggested this might be a relative of Megatron, or perhaps himself pre-beast mode:

- 1) Watch Terrorsaur and Scorpinok's faces before they run into each other.

- thanks to Lady Scale for this image!

2) Inferno stays in mid air for about 4 to 5 seconds before falling.

3) Terrorsaur's eyes bug out before making an implant on the metal board (held up by Cheetor and Rhinox)


- When Megatron and Scorponok are talking about Maximals' escape, Megatron's shoulders are not in the scene!


- When Megatron is in his hot tub, saying he has some 'special programming', there are a few shelves at the back. There are some interesting items; there's a bowling pin, a trophy in the shape of the Predacon symbol, a fusion cannon and, possibly, Starscream's head!

Misc: Almost every time a symbol is visible on one of Scorponok's missiles, it's a Maximal one!

Other Voices

- Note that Airazor's gun is the same as Rattrap's, but with some feathers.

In Other Voices Pt2, if you take yourself away from Blackarachnia sounding like Tarantulas and having green optics, you will see Tigerton's expression in hearing the voice.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

Also, (you'll have to tape the episode to see this oddity) if you pause the tape after the explosion dies down a bit, or if you had really sharp eyes, you will be able to see a piece of Optimus' broken face flash on the screen. (of course it'll take a few tries to actually see it considering it's only there for about 1 in a half seconds ^_^)

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

Season Two:

Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1 - When Megatron shoots Silverbolt the smoke from his shoulder gun barrels stay the same shape and in place even as he is moving.

Coming of the Fuzors: Part 2 - In coming of the Fuzors part one, when all the Predacons and Dinobot, Cheetor, and Rattrap are about to battle, all the Predacons are aiming at the Maximals. Tarantulas and Waspinator are there, but in Coming of the Fuzors part 2 after all the missiles hit and explode Tarantulas and Waspinator just show up and Megatron says, "Good, reinforcements have arrived."

 - When Blackarachnia is digging in Megatron's cupboard for the Golden Disk, she tosses out a whole lot of interesting stuff.  

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

- After Rattrap tosses up a stone and the Predacons blow it to a tiny pebble, watch the optics of RT, Dinobot and Cheetor when they look at the much smaller stone:

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


- The unforgettable moment when, after a collision in the air, Megatron and Inferno's heads switch bodies in mid fall and they land looking very strange!


 - Dinobot has a Maximal insignia on his gun holster, which is interesting since he still thinks of himself as Predacon.  

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!



 - When Rattrap wakes up Rhinox and hangs on the open lid of his machine, he's missing his orange panel on his left breast.


- After Inferno and Megatron collide into each other, they stay in mid air for about 4 to 5 seconds before falling. (They also looked at us before falling which makes it a Character/Audience acknowledgement)


-  Pretty self-explanatory  ;p


Maximal No More - When Dinobot's on his computer in his room, you can see all sorts of interesting things in the background, including a sack or perhaps a punching bag? The object in the third circle looks to be his tail shield.

- Thanks to Master Solo for this submission.


Other Visits Part One  - Rhinox and Inferno where acting like those 'Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots' you see in the commercial... complete with Inferno's head popping up as to say that he lost.

Code of Hero  

- At the beginning of the episode, when Dinobot's sitting in his quarters and looks up at the sun, you can just make out the golden disk in the sun.

-Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for taking and sending these images!

- At the cremation scene at the end of the episode, if you look closely at the onlookers (Rattrap and Rhinox) you will notice that Rattrap is back in his season one form!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


 - At the moment Dinobot pounds Quickstrike on the head you can see Quickstrike's eye do something funky.


Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

- As Quickstrike approaches Dinobot, his left shin is backwards.
- When Megatron is flying over the proto-human valley, his legs are missing and his body has very little detail.

Maximal No More - When Rattrap switches on his infra-red, you will see in the corner of his vision a floating piece of Swiss cheese.

Transmutate - At least I think this is from Transmutate.  All I know really, is that Rattrap looks really...wrong here.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

Tangled Web - When the Predacons are about to leave and carry out their task, Tarantulas is missing the green eyes on his chestplate.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

-  When Quickstrike makes his speech where he says 'Destruction instead of construction!' apparently his snake hand switches from left to right in different scenes.

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!

 - Megatron's hand gesture here is a reference to an anime show called Ranma 1/2' in which David Kaye featured.  David plays the main girl's (Soun Tendo) father.  Whenever confused in the show, they use that gesture. (Thanks to Skyshadow42 for correcting this oddity)


The Agenda [Part 1] - Waspinator and Inferno are setting something up outside the Maximal base.  However, Inferno seems to be somewhat grounded, since he's missing his helicopter-rear!


Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


The Agenda [Part 2] - In the scene where Ravage is speaking to Megatron (behind bars in his ship) Ravage says: "All autoguns, target the prisoner", watch his hand when he says this - he does a Doctor Evil impression with his pinkie finger! 


- Rhinox has a little party streamer thingy after hearing that they're going home. Where did he get that?


 - A little bit of an awkward situation coming from The Agenda pt 2:

Interesting how Gary Chalk, who plays this bot:


...would guest voice as him: *points to picture*   even though his rival/enemy is this bot:

:-D Primal's havin' an identity crisis!

*                        *                        *

Misc: When we are in Dinobot's room, the skin of the cloned Dinobot who appeared in the episode 'Double Dinobot' is occasionally visible as a wall ornament!

Thanks to Lady Scale for finding this image!


MISC: When tigatorn is around, cheetor always use the second gun.

Season 3 Mistakes and Animation Odds located on page 2.


If you have picked up any mistakes/animation odds not listed on this page, please feel free to email them to me at malachite157@yahoo.com 

Note: I get sent many blooper/oddities submissions from so many episodes. I don't have time to check if they're all correct, so if there are some up here that are in fact untrue, please let me know.


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