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The Vault

This section of Bwint is a storage place for:

unfinished fanfics, outtakes, prologues to up-coming fics and abandoned fanfics. 

It's an exclusive view into the mind of the writer and all content in here must be treated with respect - if a fanfic is abandoned, do not send critical feedback for it, for the writer may have had a strong reason to abandon it in the first place.  

It's open to the public to view and is an exciting opportunity to see stuff in the different stages of development of a fic, to watch the writer's thought processes and witness their struggles with an idea. Writer's who want to share their work with everyone can submit their writings to be placed up in this section.

Current Classified Files on view to visitors of Bwint.net only:

Sapphire's Documents

Joshin Yasha's Documents

Dannn's Documents

L. Depth Charge's Documents

Miss Special's Documents

Varyn's Documents

Starath's Documents

Email your Vault submissions to Sapphire at sapphire@bwint.net 


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