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Fan Artwork by:

Lynx Traveller 
Digital Art - 3D models

- Scene from Sapphire's "Losing Face" series. 

  "His large form was suddenly silhouetted as the ship broke the surface of the water and bright sunlight poured in from the band of windows.  Emerald optics glowed brightly against a shadowed face and Rampage drew to his full height, staring with wide, rabid eyes at his enemy." - True Colours, Chapter 3.


- Scene from Sapphire's "Losing Face" series. 


 "Depth Charge's shot had been a bit off center and had only clipped the top of his exposed spark, but even so, the raw energy hitting his most sensitive part was enough to send powerful shockwaves through his entire body." - True Colours, Chapter 3.


Depth Charge





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