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Let the War Begin!

Be prepared to enter my world of Beast Wars Transformers, where what I say goes.

The series begins on Cybertron, where even after the Great War, friction is still rife. With the new Maximal upgrades and the rebel Predacons, both the High Council and Optimus Primal seem to have their work cut-out.

Hope you all enjoy this little opening.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

- The saga continues as our heros are moved to the front-lines. Optimus starts having regrets over his previous actions, leaving him unfocussed.  Meanwhile, the evil Megatron is plotting something to make his mark once and for all.

Chapter 3

- The chase begins, as the Maximals are now in hot pursuit of the Predacon ship. But unbeknown to everyone, Megatron still has an ace up his sleeve.

Chapter Four

The final chapter leading up to the beginning of the Beast Wars.  Hope you've all enjoyed this saga.





First Encounters

The Maximals soon discover all is not as it seems on the strange new planet they have crashed on, when it looks as if a third party is about to get involved in the Beast Wars.


Bridging the Gap

Part One

- Cheetor faces a deadly dilemma when he inadvertently runs into Wolveron and his Wolf Pack. Meanwhile, Tigatron attempts to learn more about the Maximals by getting up close and personal to the Axalon. 


Bridging the Gap

Part Two

- A ferocious energon storm hits Earth, unveiling a new, untapped source of raw energon. But Megatron has his eye on more than just energon, as he discovers Airazor and the her little secret.


Bold Ambitions

- The Maximals establish a secret link to the Darkside, allowing them to gain inside knowledge of Megatron's latest schemes. Meanwhile, Optimus is growing tired of Cheetor's disobedience and confines him to the ship.  However, things aren't always as they sound, as Megatron sends the Maximals on a wild goose-chase while he attempts to take control of the Axalon, with Cheetor still inside. 


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