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Transformer Sites:



- A fantastic transformer website with lots of great stuff on Beast Wars action figures.  



- A nice site with really nice pictures! 


Transformers Network

- This site has got loads of TF goodies.


- Fantastic TF news site, regularly updated!


Me Love Grimlock

- It's a Flash based superdeformed Transformers parody comic. Worth a visit!


Transformers Wiki

- Everything you ever needed to know about all facets of the Transformers universe can be found here!



Fan Fiction Sites:



Biggest Transformer fan fic archive out there!



Beast Wars Comedy and Fan Fiction 

  - Lots of fics too, especially comedies! 



BW Fan Sites:


Predacon Empire


- An attractive Beast Wars site with lots of interesting content.


Pacerwolf's Beast Wars Den

A lovely little Beast Wars site worth a visit.


Beast Wars Heaven

- Sharpshot's website.  Not regularly updated.


Legends of Cybertron

- A TF site that's been going since 2003


Sinead's Website

- Access all Sinead's fics here!  


Sphinx's Lair

A fantastic site with lots of fics and some hilarious pictures and captions!



The home of the insecticons and the place to find fan fics and art by the talented Wayward.



Beast Wars RPG Sites:


Beast Wars: Alloyon Wars

- An active and exciting BW RPG as of April 2006.



Transformer Forums:


The Padded Cell

A really cool Transformer forum with some weird and wacky people.



Voice Actor Fanclubs & Official Websites:


Scott McNeil: Fanclub



Jim Byrnes: Official Website



Ian James Corlett: Official Website



David Kaye: Official Website



David Sobolov: Official Website



Susan Blu: Official Website



Beast Wars Fanclub:


The Beast Wars fanclub of DeviantART.

- Well worth a visit! There's lots of good BW TF art there!


The Beast Wars Transformers Facebook Group

- If you're on facebook, this is a fun group to join.


The BWINT Facebook Group

- If you're on Facebook, you can keep up with fellow Bwinters here!

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