New Layout Choices has grown a huge amount in the two years it's been up officially, needing upgrades in its hosting packages to cater for the increase in traffic. The success of the site relies on regular updates and the quantity and quality of its material.  But a good site layout is also very important, and we felt it was time for a change.  So, Miss Special and Sapphire have slaved away making cool web templates for you, the site visitor, to choose from.  Below are four choices.  

Please note that the character images on each of the pages are subject to change.  Don't make a judgement on who's featured!  Judge the templates by style, functionality and overall appearance.  Please also note that none of the links will work, as the main pages are there just for display.  Comments are most welcome, and if you feel some aspects of one template would look good on another template style, feel free to let us know.  Leave all comments and suggestions here.

Please check out each design thoroughly, and vote for your favourite using the poll below the links.  The poll is now closed.

Blue Gold Template

Bronze & Black Template

New Blue Template

Beast Wars Buttons Template

Site Design: Sapphire.  Created by: Hacker, Miss Special, Solar Blaze (HDW), Pacerpaw. is copyrighted to the team. 

Disclaimer: Beast Wars Transformers and its respective characters, plots and images are a product of Hasbro, Alliance and Mainframe Entertainment.  We do not claim any rights to it.  This is a non-profit fansite.