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Joshin Yasha

Series:  Epoch Ascension

Alliances are forged and broken, but when the Maximal High Council orders the
Protoform Project into action, an alliance must be formed between Decepticons, ex-Autobots,
and Maximals to prevent the winds of war from rising.

- Winner of "Most Creative Plot Idea"; Nominated for "Most Loved Character (Misery)" and "Best Series" 2005

Dark Wings


Deep Within
- Winner of "Best Battle Sequence" 2005

The Dance


Harder to Breathe



Series:  Epoch Omicron Chronicles

- The winds of war are raging in the distance as the inhabitants of Colony Omicron are unaware of what builds. Depth Charge, chief of security, must prepare to face the battle that will change not only his life, but also the entire universe.

Another Day


The Promise


A Dangerous Mind

The Howling


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