Members: Waspimus Prime, Arachnid Champion, Thundernerd4, Blazemane, lynx, Spectre the Hechidnat, Bella Pilyavskaya, Mairilyn, Greth the Air Dragon, Kakhi2008

Ravage Quotes:


"You will pardon my shooting the weapons from your hands. I only wished to avoid any regrettable - accidents- to my person."

"In the name of the Pax Cybertronia and the Predacon Alliance, you are under arrest!"


"Why should I tolerate your existence any longer?"



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Reasons why we like Ravage:

Artemis Lady Warrior:

-He's the only transformer that doesn't transform into an animal as his alternate form
- His voice fits him
- His ship is awesome!
- He makes a good Decepticon and Predacon
- His alternate mode plays heavy metal XD



Ravage has such a cool coloring scheme.
He's got awesome hand guns (I love handguns).
For a while he was actually helping the maximals (even though the idea was to terminate everybody, but we'll overlook that).