Head of club:  Vampyerba.    Members:  Flyby Stardancer, Amber Dawn, Zucca, Darkshadow, Master Solo, Texan Temptress, Black Baron, Mairlyn, Razor One, D-Chan.


1: She's so mysterious: she is a very hard character to read; that is the sole reason why I have so much fun writing about her. it's like she has a hidden secret...dying to come out

2. She's basically the hot female bad guy! Ever movie or tv show has to have one of them...and she did it perfectly in season one and two

3. She's a black widow. I am fascinated by the spiders. With most animals/creature the male is the dominant one. The females of this species hold all the power; they even eat the male after they mate! I believe this is why she was able to get whatever she wanted from any male ;-)

4.Her voice. It's so feminine...so beautiful.

5.Her brilliance. Aside from Taranchulas, I believe she was the only Predacon to make her own creation (I believe).

6.Her confidence. Even though she seems to be on the quiet and sometimes depressed side...she had quite the confidence.  Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to flirt so

7.I love her sense of humour. It's somewhat dark....and sometimes conceited. Always delivers a good laugh.

8. Her personality. I find it very similar to mine. She is very quiet and keeps to herself. She has a cold appearance and can sometimes have a bad temper. But, despite all that, deep down inside she has a heart full of love. And once that inner love is brought out; she simply shines.


Vampyerba's Dedication:

Dark Spider

Gold Heart

Brilliant mind

You brought laughter and tears

To the homes of many

You shall alwasy be remembered

Not only for your crafty ways

Or how beautiful you are

But of how you learned

To love so.


Amber Dawn:

1. She's an amazing fighter. Not only does she have some really cool weapons, she can shoot cyberwebbing, perform amazing ninja-like stunts, come up with brilliant battle strategies and kick any Maximal's aft in single combat.

2. She's her own 'bot. She won't allow herself to be controlled no matter what it takes, and even when she switched sides she never lost touch with who she really was. And she never snivelled before Megatron unless there was something she wanted from him - which leads me to my next point.

3. She's manipulative. In true female spirit, she plots, plans, connives and backstabs to get what she wants. She doesn't care what she has to do or who she has to suck up to do it, and in the end she comes out on top.

4. She's not just a pretty face. She's obviously a very physically appealing femme, which she uses to her advantage. But under all that is the mind of a scientist, strategist, inventor and warrior. All in all, she's a pretty smart cookie.

5. All of the above. I mean, not many femmes can be martial arts masters, shrewd strategists, expert manipulators and have that incredible charisma all at the same time. Hats off to her; she lasted the longest of the two femmes and really stands out as a strong female character in a sea of the 'delicate little tulips' of other series. After all, not many token females can boast BA's toughness or perseverance, and few have so many strengths and talents. She's the only female on the show for a long time, but she isn't degraded to the stock character who needs rescuing or constant attention. And yet through all that she's still a woman at heart and that's what earns her my respect and hero-worship.

Texan Temptress:

I like Blackarchania because she is so devious and tricky. Like me!=) But I also like her because she is like the bad girl every good girl wants to be.


1) ...sexy... (*silverbolt slaps him*)
2) check the mid section! (now both BA and SB pummel him)
3) her cool little crossbow weapon
4) her way of life; a rogue, a lover, a fighter and a widow
5) that little woosh sound she makes when she transforms
6) she can get completely stressed and that makes her deadly...
7) she's like a femme tarry, but a lot cuter


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Darkshadow: reasons why Blackarachnia rocks:

1) first gal to enter the beast wars, Therefore she rocks for that!

2) Her personality. She can be sweet when she wants. Can be tough when she so chooses! it just rocks can't explain it in words!

3) Her TM2 form(s) rocks! both Beast and robotic forms! it's different. like with the colors and how she actually looks!


1: She is intriguing to no end. Her mind is powerful and on par with Tarantulas, her self-proclaimed 'creator'. Only she, unlike him, is not a sadist.

2: She is calm even under pressure. She saved the Ark's reactor from overloading when it threatened to destroy the great ship.

3: She, when still of original technology, was able to fight off TMII Dinobot.

4: She lusted for power, but when it was in her grasp, she let it go to help the one she knew deep in her heart, she loved.

5: In the face of the ultimate crisis, she betrayed Megatron (He had it coming ^_^ ) and helped Silverbolt keep Optimus Prime alive long enough for Primal to house his spark.

6: She believes so strongly in her freedom, that she was willing to destroy herself to free herself from the psychic link between her and Tarantulas.

7: She is by far, nobody's fool. If she sniffs something awry, she will act in an instant.

8: Despite the Predacon shell program Tarantulas installed in her, she was still able to return Silverbolt's love and found it suited her just fine.


Flyby Stardancer: 

She's smart, sticks up for herself, values her personal freedom, and is very devious. She's both a great techie, and a better-than-decent fighter as well. And even when she's in love, she still keeps that independent streak that makes her, well, her.

Master Solo:

I like her Black Widow beast mode
I like her martial arts skills
She looks azn in S1 and S2 and I'm azn

Black Baron:

1) Fem Fatale's are cool as are Black Widow spiders.
2) She was manipulative and cunning even as a Maximal.
3) Who doesn't like the bad girl?
4) She made Silverbolt almost tolerable.


My reasons as to why BA is the coolest femme ever to walk the planet:


  1. I love her crossbow.
  2. She has really kick-ass quotes, like “you’re an even bigger fool than you look” and “Sorry, bowser, but I like being a bad girl.”
  3. She’s so conniving, she could make Quickstrike or Silverbolt jump off a cliff if she found it necessary!
  4. Her TM2 form’s beast mode has really cute eyes!
  5. She was so rockin’ in “The Agenda” (End of Season 2)!!!
  6. You gotta love how she winks. I’ve started doing it everytime I watch my bro’s Possession DVD (It’s the part where BA says “I thought you could make me a better offer” and winks)

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A Life Without Him, by Vampyerba


"Guys, oh they're only young once, but they can act juvenile forever."

"Mood, setting, now all I need is my dance partner."

"You missed, AND you're ugly!"

"Ooh, hot, poisonous and deadly?  You're sweet."

"If this is a surprise party, someone's going to be eating cybervenom."


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