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The Trigger: Part 1


Season 1


Reviewed by Jammer


The first thing viewers are introduced to in this episode is a peaceful scene of a lightly fogged over, snow covered plain with some snow covered mountains in the background. The howl of the wind can be heard as well. After a few seconds go by the scene quickly fades closer into one of these mountains followed by another quick fade in to a thickly snow covered ledge with icicles hanging down from it. The view suddenly begins to shake, a rumble noise can be heard. The icicles fall off the ledge one by one snowballs began to comedown the mountain the camera looks upwards toward the peak as a thick, mysterious and ominous cloud fly's by overhead.

Meanwhile at the base of the mountain, Tigertron is being pelted with falling rocks and snowballs. Once the tremors and debris begin to calm Tigertron says to himself that this area was not volcanic. He ponders the thought for a moment and simply says, "curious." and is promptly hit with one last snowball in the head. He goes on to say, "Although I'm close to these rugged lands, they still have there secrets." he then walks off to perform his weekly report back to the maximal base. Unbeknownst to him, however, the two Predacons Waspinator and Terrorsaur are currently stalking him.

The view then suddenly changes to a trail of large cat paw prints in the snow and pans upward just in time to see Tigertron walk the last few feet and transform in front of a communications construct. He steps up to it presses a button on it which brings out a screen and then presses a few more buttons after a little bit the end of the laser pulse dish begins to glow and then shoots out a blue beam. As soon as it did he begins to request for the Maximal base to respond.

Meanwhile at the Axalon Optimus asks Rhinox how his tidal research is going. He replies that he has some odd readings which indicates one of the planets two moons was hollow. Optimus asks if it could be instrument error.

Rhinox shrugs and says, "Hmm...Maybe."

A little ways away from the Maximal base a reflective looking dish, labeled the Maximal insignia, is suddenly hit with a blue beam and 'bounces' it back to the base. Rattrap who is at the comm-station upon hearing Tigertron's message, pushes in a button on the console and announces that he has reached good guy central and asks what's new and if there are any pred prowlers around. Chuckling at the statement Tigertron explains to his friend that the arctic region he patrols is a peaceful land, at least for the moment and is cut off in mid sentence when Waspinator and Terrorsaur appear on the laser pulse array's radar screen. The Predacon fliers transform and begin to bombard Tigertron's position. He quickly informs the base that he's under attack and jumps out of the way of a projectile in time that was heading towards his position. Terrorsaur swoops in and fire off a shot at the ground near the laser comm-array causing it to wobble and eventually fall right on top of Tigertron of whom screamed (In the guy sort of way of course,) while it was falling.

At the Axalon, Rattrap is attempting to get him on the comm-line, not knowing that the comm-array is out of action. After many failed attempts to reach him again he looks over his shoulder at Optimus and Rhinox. Looking over his shoulder, Rhinox tells Optimus to go and that he would alert the others about the situation, with a nod to Rhinox he activated his jets and flew off to help out his comrade.

The area where Tigertron and the now fallen comm-array falls eerily quiet as Waspinator and Terrorsaur steak by overhead the chaotic scene. After awhile the toppled array begins to move and then finally rolls over and off of Tigertron. Shaking off the feeling of being squashed under a few tons of metal he looked over his shoulder to find the Predacon aerial duo coming back around for another pass. Grabbing his quasar cannon from off the ground he fires at them as they flew by over head. The scene switches then to the bottom of a near-by canyon looking at the ensuing battle near the cliff-edge from afar, soon that same ominous cloud lumbers along into the ravine. At the battle ground, Tigertron continues to fire at the Predacon flyers as they finish there pass. Un-daunted by the return fire Terrorsaur swoops around for another pass at his Maximal target. Taking aim at the flyer again he fires off a few more shots just after, Terrorsaur launches a rather large, red and yellow colored rocket with a shark face painted on it's warhead at him.

Widening his optics at this he jumps out of the way a few seconds before it hits the ground, however, nothing happens when it does. Raising an optical ridge at this he cranes his head around and looks at where the rocket had impacted. It's engine flare faded, spitted, and sputtered a little before smoke cloud puffed out from it with a hiss and shortly there after one of it's tail fins popped off and dangled from the seeming dead rocket. Glancing up quickly, he rolls just in time to avoid a few rapid fire shots from Wasinator's gun but not the following explosion as one of Waspinator's shots hit the rocket causing it to detonate and send him flying towards the cliff edge. Shortly there after the ominous cloud appears on scene causing an avalanche. Running and then leaping when the land he was on falls out underneath him, he barely managed to get a grip on the remaining cliff edge. He struggles to maintain what grip he has on the edge, but eventually his hands lose there grip on the edge and Tigertron is sent falling into the cloud below.

Seeing this Waspinator gleefully yells out, "Success! Maximal destroyed!"

"Lets gather some fragments, Megatron will want proof." Terrorsaur says.

Rubbing his hands together Waspinator says that he wants his head as he fly's by his comrade much to Terrorsaur's disapproval who yells out, "Hey, it's mine bug face!" The two race down to the bottom of the canyon only to find Tigertron's body is missing. Confused, Waspinator asks his fellow flyer where the Maximal went. "We saw him fly into that cloud...hmm." Terrorsaur observed.

He increased his speed and headed for the cloud. Waspinator called to him to wait for him as he also increased his speed to catch up. The two disappear in the cloud and shortly there after the sounds of weapons fire can be heard followed by a large constant discharge of some sort.

The scene then changes back to the command center of the Maximal base and to a rotating, holographic image of a canyon. Optimus can be heard calling back to the base as the view pans out to Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap and Dinobot huddled around the comm. station. Shoving Rhinox out of the way he says yes they can hear him loud and clear and then asks where his fellow cat-bot is. He says that the place has seen some heavy action and that it doesn't look good. He goes on to say, "Tigertron's footprints lead to a broken cliff edge... we have to face a grim possibility team, Tigertron may have been destroyed." Optimus states grimly.

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"Say it ain't so big-bot. Not our stripped scout." Cheetor disbelievingly says.

"This place is a battleground," Optimus says," blast craters and missile debris everywhere. From the angle it was an aerial attack." A moment of silence breaks over the team when Dinobot states the obvious that it was Waspinator and Terrorsaur's doing. Rattrap sarcastically asks if he would like is "expert consulting fee" of which Dinobot replies that there is no need and that he can extract it from his hide. Just as He was going to plunge on Rattrap Rhinox yells at them to stop in his very rarely heard angry voice, they listen...to a point. As he turns back to the comm. station Rattrap makes a goofy, mocking face at Rhinox as does Dinobot only at Rattrap of whom waves him off. Rhinox says that if Tigertron has been scrapped that there ought to be a few components. Optimus says that he doesn't see any and that he's also not answering the comm. link. And that if destroyed or captured he was not around there.

The camera then pans rapidly over to the Predacon base and then out a ways to where Airrazor is keeping an eye over it. Seeing something interesting in the distance she activates her zoom ability to get a closer look. What she finds is Waspinator and Terrorsaur flying back to base in a less than optimal state. Upon seeing this she says,

"Either the grunge look is coming back or those two ran into something hot, I'd better report." and flew off back to base.

Inside the Darkside, Megatron is in disbelief that two of his troops where nearly scrapped by Tigertron. The two quickly explain that it wasn't just Tigertron but a monument also. Not really believing this he Meg's orders them to explain themselves. They begin by saying that they thought he was finished and followed him as Tigerton fell into a cloud, however, it was no ordinary cloud. The scene then fades into a cloud which then give way to reveal a floating island. Waspinator come into veiw a few seconds later is blasted by a energy bolt by Tigertron's gun. Shaking off the sudden attack he transforms and begins firing at the shooter, who is Tigertron. Transforming also Terrorsaur bombards Tigertron's position with his shoulder cannons. As the battle goes on the scene changes to a spire in the middle of the island, the top part of it begins to glow and then lets of a massive beam of energy first at Terrorsaur and then at Waspinator, nearly scrapping them both. The view fades back to Terrorsaur saying that they barely made it back before wheezing and then collapsing on top of Waspinator. Megatron ponders what he had been told and comes to the conclusion that such a weapon could end the Beast Wars once and for all. Once done pondering he orders the two to get to the CR chamber, Terrorsaur looks up at him and then collapses over him again (Poor wasp). He then orders Blackarachnia and Scorpinok to prepare for immediate departure to this flying island. Blackarchnia scoffs at this and says it might be a good idea to figure out who built it and why. He growls and says,

"Do not question my orders, time enough for such inquiries once we control the island's power. But Tigertron is there already and must be eliminated before he can alert the other Maximals. Now...go!"

Sighing, Blackarchnia says all right to this, hits the Scorpinok shoulder and says, Shovel-head, lets move". Just as he was about to follow Meg's halts him saying he needs him for a moment. He whispers some things to Scorpinok, which Blackarchnia eyes with suspicion. Scorpinok nods and salutes his commander and flies off to prepare for the mission she watches him fly by but glares at Megs with suspicion.

Meanwhile at the Axalon Airazor informs them of her findings at the Predacon base. Optimus asks her if she is sure of this of which she replies,

"Positive. It was Terrorsaur and Waspinator. They where seriously slagged, almost scrapped."

Rhinox sates that it couldn't be Tigertron then as that's not his style. Optimus agrees adding that he would defend himself but total destruction was against everything he believed in. Dinobot says that he is a fool then of which Rattrap agrees, especially when it comes to certain Predacons. Cheetor then bursts on to the seen announcing that he had seen Scorpinok and Blackarachnia booking it out of the Darkside. Turning to Airazor, Optimus asks her if she can follow them without being seen. "Easily." She replies before turning about, transforming and heads out to follow the two arachnids (more like stalk).

"Man, something must have Megatrons scaly tail in a ringer." Rattrap says. Piping up at this Cheetor says that maybe Tigertron still alive. Optimus replies saying they can only hope, and that if they don't get to him first that he might not survive much longer.

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The scene opens up to the camera going through some tropical looking bushes and then follows a butterfly of which flies toward Tigertron. Looking around in awe on the flying island he says out loud that it is truly is a land of wonder. Walking along he thinks to himself, "Here in the frozen north, this tiny tropical ecosystem somehow exists...yet it is hidden." He passes by a large rock with a weird marking on it which began to glow as soon as he passed it. Suddenly the ground underneath him begins to shake and giveway, he leaps just in time as the ground he was just standing on collapses completely, revealing the plunge that awaited him.
"And protected!" he yells out just before several large metal beams pop out of the ground near him each one with a large boulder attached to one end of it. Seeing the gauntlet that awaited him he transforms into robot mode and proceeds to dodge the deadly obstacles. When it seems he's home free two more boulder bashers present themselves right in his path. They swing down at him attempting to squash him but are blasted to pieces by his gun. The center tower begins to charge up again and fires at his postition. He manages to dodged the deadly beam and takes cover behind a nearby rock. He peer out from behind the rock, waiting for another shot to happen, but none does. After a bit a of pondering he makes the connection that energy weapons trigger the beam to fire. He says, "So be it," and puts his weapon away and transforms into beast mode, "let me be a visitor not an invader."

The scene then changes to out side of the cloud and then pans over to a ledge that Blackarachnia and Scorpinok are on. Seeing the ominous cloud Blackarchnia she says that Waspinator Terrorsaur are not the brightest witnesses but that the description that they gave fit and that the flying island must be inside the thick cloud. Scorpinok says he'll check, transforms into robot mode and launches a cyber-bee into it. He then switches his view to that of the cyber-bee's. It flies around the island for awhile, circling the center tower before flying across a small lake. As it to flies between two rocks it is suddenly ambushed and disabled by Tigertron. Scorpinok gasps and almost jumps back upon seeing this happen. Blackarachnia ask what's with him and if the flying island is in there. He nods saying yes it is as is Tigertron. "So the pussy cats still alive is he?" She asks rhetorically. "Hmm...we'll take care of that." she then transforms and fires off a grappling hook into the cloud. The camera then swings over to Airazor, suprised to see Blackarachnia trying to lasso a cloud zooms in to find to much more to her surprise to find that she has succeeded in doing so. Saying she has to check this out she swoops into the cloud after the she-spider of whom has Scorpinok hanging off of her who also sees Airazor and prepares a couple missiles for the falcon.

The camera switches back to Tigertron who currently has the cyber-bee pinned. Seeing this he says that this land of peace may not be peaceful for much longer. Putting another paw on the cyber-bee he says that still it might be useful and then cuts a wire on it, disabling it. His attention is changed when he hears a cry from a-one Airazor who appears through the cloud layer. The view changes to Blackarchnia's grappling hook and then to her as she crawls up and then jumps over a ledge and was followed behind by Scorpinok who took the opportunity to launch a missile at Airazor, it steak it way over to her and before she could even react it hit, send feathers everywhere and her tumbling down towards the floating island and just behind a rock not to far away from Tigertron. Just as he was about to run over to help when the tower charged up and sent out a massive beam of energy at Scorpinok position. Managing to escape the blast he looked in awe at the massive crater the tower made saying, "Whoa, that's a real blaster!"

Coming out from behind some rocks Blackarachnia and says to him before heading off, "In case you didn't notice it is activated by our own weapons and I mus-...I mean we must take control of it, but carefully." Noticing the slight slip-up , Scorpinok scrunches his optical ridge as he eyes her with suspicion before following.

The scene then goes completely black, Tigertron can be heard saying Airazor's name in the background and then is visible when the blackness begins to 'blink itself away'. Tigertron tells Airazor to lay still saying that she was hit and that her beast form will make repairs, but it will take time for it to do so. She asks him about Blackarachnia and Scorpinok, he informs her that he was able to intercept one of Scorpinok's cyber-bees and that with luck it should be arriving at the base right about...now. And just as he says "now" the scene switches to the Axalon with Optimus holding in his hands the so said cyber-bee. Whom says to Cheetor that it was a good thing that he didn't just blast it. Cheetor says he would've but it was holding one of Airazor's feathers.

"Besides, he missed." Rattrap added.

Cheetor slumped, "Yeah, that too."

"Prime." was all Optimus said in response to this.

Setting the cyber-bee down on the center table Optimus says here goes nothing before pressing a button on the back of it causing it to project a holographic image in front of it a few feet. Tigertron can be seen adjusting the camera and making sure it's on. "Attention Maximals," he begins, "this is a code one emergency. Airazor has been damaged; she and I are trapped on a mysterious flying island. This island is a self contained ecosystem guarded by powerful weapons of alien design. Blackarachnia and Scorpinok have alread managed to invade, if they gain control of the island and it's weapons, the Predacons will be able to destroy the Maximal base and win the Beast Wars!" With that the screen changes to static and then fades out...


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