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Season 1


Episode written by: Larry DiTillio


Reviewed by Wicked Woman



Summary: Rhinox, being the genius he is, created a comlink capable of being used through areas containing massive energon deposits. Optimus, being the optimistic he is decided to test it even though Rhinox felt that it may not work, and Cheetor, being the bot with the words 'Action! Action! Action!' in his processor all year long, eagerly volunteered to test it. (Does this sound like a bad idea to you too or am I just paranoid?)

During the test, Cheetor got in over his head, thought he could take on a Predacon (Scorpinok) by himself and allowed a distraction, made by Tarantulas, to nearly cause his demise…however, the comlink was destroyed.

After being scolded by Optimus, Cheetor decided to prove himself by sneaking into the Predacon base and finding out what Megatron had planned for the mega cannon Scorpinok found… only to be captured by Tarantulas. Rattrap, being the bot whom was suckered by thoughts that the 'kid' would actually try something, ventured out to find Cheetor…

Review: This was pretty much a filler episode, however it did have some importance: Proof that Cheetor is indeed still a child and in serious need of growing up. The strange thing is that Rattrap slicing through the air with a boomerang like object was actually a glimpse of what would happen later: Rattrap slicing the stasis web that was holding Cheetor and draining his energy.

I was impressed that the main characters in the episode were Tarantulas, Cheetor and Rattrap, proving that the show does not revolve around both commanders. *grins*

All in all, it was a pretty good episode, especially the parts where Rattrap and Cheetor consider each other friends.

This episode gets a '3 out of 5' score.

Wicked Woman


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