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Episode Review:


Power Surge


Season 1


Episode written by: Jesse Winfield


Reviewed by Mairilyn


Power surge We start off with a view of an eagle soaring through a valley. Snap! Terrorsaur quickly gobbles it up. But something soon draws him to a halt. A floating mountain! Terrorsaur flies into the mountain and finds it rich with energon. He transforms to robot mode and is about to scan a piece when it sends him flying off! He lands in between two large crystals and afterwards finds himself full of power! He suddenly thinks of Megatron and takes off from the mountain at an abnormal speed. Meanwhile, Cheetor who saw Terrorsaur take off, is amazed at how fast he is. Outside the darkside Megatron is testing a new device. Out of the blue appears Terrorsaur and he insults Megatron. He announces that he will take command of the Predacons. A battle ensues. Megatron blasts his hip missiles at Terrorsaur, but he isn't even damaged! Terrorsaur shoots at Megatron with his new-and-improved shoulder cannons and Megatron falls of the ledge he's standing on. Terrorsaur flies down and Megatron charges at him, but Terrorsaur draws his modified gun and quickly blasts Megatron so hard that Megatron falls of three ledges and is reduced to scrap and goes offline. Scorponok, Waspinator and Tarantulas comment on Terrorsaur's new power. Terrorsaur says he is the new leader (NOTE: Terrorsaur says Megatron's famous 'yeeeees' at this point) Terrorsaur tells them to get ready for battle because the Maximals are going to be destroyed! Terrorsaur is giving out his orders when something strange happens. He is losing his newfound power! He flies off to get some more of it, while Scorponok and Waspinator go down and salvage the now offline Megatron. Cheetor is running back to the axalon and Rhinox's scanners notice he's coming in at top speed. Cheetor, out of breath, explains what is happening. Rattrap thinks Cheetor is weird when he explains about the floating mountain, but Cheetor points out where he saw it. Meanwhile, Terrorsaur is flying back to the mountain, unaware of Tarantulas following below him. Back at maximal HQ, Rhinox explains that enough energon can lift a mountain off the ground.Optimus tells Rattrap that they're going to destroy the mountain before the Predacons can secure it.
 Terrorsaur flies into the mountain and Tarantulas terrorizes below and fires his lasso to the mountain and proceeds to climb up it.Rattrap and Optimus arrive at the mountain and they land at the side of it before Terrorsaur goes to the same spot and quickly recharge's his power.

Optimus tells rattrap to plant some charges whilst he leads Terrorsaur away. Terrorsaur notice's Primal and an aerial battle begins! Rattrap plants the charges and hopes Optimus can get back. The aerial fight continues but Terrorsaur fires his optic lasers at Primal and Optimus falls down on to a rock and is forced o transform. Terrorsaur floats down and everything is looking really bad. Elsewhere in the mountain, Tarantulas ambushes Rattrap and a little skirmish follows. Terrorsaur proceeds to shoot Optimus but in the nick of time, Terrorsaur's power fades away! (ODDITY: Terrorsaur has lost one of his wings on his shoulder here) He flies off again to recharge, not knowing of the charges Rattrap planted. Rattrap's brawl with Tarantulas continues; Tarantulas charges towards him but Rattrap hurls some dirt in his eyes. The blinded Tarantulas falls off the mountain. The charges explode, and things look bleak for Rattrap, but Optimus clambers up. Rattrap is shocked to know that Optimus aint gonna fall off! A slow mo sequence ensues with Optimus in beast mode (with Rattrap clinging on for his dear life) jumping off the edge of the mountain just as it explodes! Optimus and Rattrap land safely below. Terrorsaur flies back to the darkside, but to his horror finds Megatron is back online! Terrorsaur goes pale just before the episode ends. 

Conclusion: This episode introduces Terrorsaur's ambitions as ruler of the Predacons, but shortly finding Megatron comes back on top. 

Main characters:Terrosaur, Rattrap, Optimus, Tarantulas.

 Review by Mairilyn

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