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Other Visits Part 2

Season 2


Reviewed by: Sapphire


The episode begins with Rattrap and Optimus waking up after being knocked down by the alien energon blast.  Optimus and Rattrap were ok, because they were transmetals, but Dinobot and Rhinox were in stasis lock.

Meanwhile, Tarantulas and Megatron have come to.  Megatron says he likes how the aliens are direct and to the point.  Tarantulas points out that if they hadn't been altered by the quantum surge, they'd be in stasis lock.  Megatron approaches the door of the alien dome, and gets no reaction.  Tarantulas thinks that the surge must have used up most of their energy. Megatron takes out the disk.  Quickstrike warns him about something but he silences him, only to hear Optimus Primal advising him to listen to the fuzor, as he, Cheetor, Rattrap and Silverbolt get ready for battle.  Tarantulas presses a few buttons on his wrist and sends a signal to some devices around the dome, which cause a huge electric web-dome to come over it, deflecting the Maximals' fire.  Megatron uses the disk to open the door, and Tarantulas and Quickstrike enter.

Optimus orders Cheetor and Silverbolt to take Rhinox and Dinobot back to base for repairs.  He asks Rattrap if the web can be taken out.  Rattrap says yes, but what do they do after that?  "We'll think of something," Optimus says, and Rattrap grumbles.

Megatron and company come to an entrance to a great hall inside the dome.  He kicks Quickstrike out into the open to test the aliens' reaction.  There is none.  Tarantulas reckons their beast modes must hide them from the alien scanners.  Megatron says he is done hiding, and transforms.  There is still no reaction.  He realizes that the quantum surge has rendered them invisible to the aliens.

Outside, Rattrap hands Optimus a bomb, telling him to put it on one side while he does the other.  They plan to blast the dome.

Tarantulas starts fiddling with an alien machine, and initiates power within the dome, which flows through energon cables.  An interface comes down.  Megatron thanks Tarantulas, but tells Quickstrike to keep an eye on the spider.  Megatron places the disk on the interface, and a green beam shoots down onto him.  He yells in pain, and Quickstrike tries to get to him, but is shocked backwards by the beam. 

Rattrap reminds Optimus that the web is the only thing keeping the 'alien toaster' quiet.  Optimus tells him to blow it anyway.  Rattrap does.

Tarantulas hears the explosions and declares that they must stop the Maximals from getting in.  They leave Megatron to engage the Maximals.Megatron remains under the green beam as a control chair floats down to him.  The beam stops, and he cries out triumphantly.

Tarantulas and Quickstrike emerge from the dome and start shooting.  Optimus transforms and Rattrap gets on his hoverboard.  They approach the Preds, while Optimus deflects their shots with his maces.  Suddenly, the alien dome starts to rise up, and Quickstrike and Tarantulas hop off.  A power beam shoots out from it and shoots Optimus and Rattrap.  Then a large green tractor beam comes forth from it and forces everyone to rise up into the air, except for Rattrap who is missed by the beam as he hides behind a rock.  Optimus gets lifted, too.

Megaton's face protrudes, embossed in the surface of the alien dome.  Tarantulas asks where the aliens are and Megatron confidently replies it doesn't matter as he control their weapon now.  Tarantulas congratulates him, and Megatron informs him that now their alliance is terminated, and drops him.  Megatron then sends out a purple pulse which wakes up all his fellow Predacons.  He brings them all inside.

Rattrap watches in horror as the dome suddenly beams into the air and disappears.  Tarantulas comes up behind him with a gun to his head.

Meanwhile, the dome reappears on top of a snowy mountain.  Inside Optimus hangs by metal bonds.  Inferno says he recognises this place as where he found the alien disk.  Blackarachnia demands to know why they aren't attacking the Maximals.  Megatron says to allow them to prepare the defences, while they complete a more important job.  He sends Waspinator out with Inferno to do a job for him.

Dinobot and Rhinox awaken in the Maximals base.  Silverbolt reports that Tarantulas and Rattrap are approaching the base.  The Maximals are hostile to Tarantulas, who requests access to their scanners.  He declares he wants to know why Megatron hasn't attacked them yet.  Rhinox asks Rattrap what he thinks about the whole situation, and Rattrap declares that Tarantulas is the best chance they have at rescuing Optimus.  Tarantulas is allowed to use the scanners and picks up flyers  - Waspinator and Inferno - who are carrying transwarp cells.  Tarantulas urges them to attack at once.

Optimus wakes up as the transwarp cells are hardwired.  Megatron tells him he is taking the dome back to Cybertron.  Optimus advises against this action, fearing what the aliens might do should they discover Cybertron.  Megatron doesn't care.  Optimus tries to transform, but is shocked by his bonds.  Megatron declares that conquest of Cybertron is the only true path.

The Maximals start attacking the dome from the outside.  Megatron uses the aliens weapons to fend off the Maximals.  It soon becomes apparent there are too many Maximals for the dome to fight off, so Megatron sends out his troops.  Meanwhile, Rattrap and Tarantulas enter the dome.

Seeing that they have accomplished their objective, Dinobot order the Maximals to retreat.  Tarantulas says to Rattrap that Megatron must be holding Optimus in the control room and as Rattrap turns away from the spider to look down the hallway, Tarantulas disappears.

Megatron laughs at the retreating Maximals.  He begins the teleport sequence, while Optimus watches in horror.  Rattrap suddenly appears and shoots. The shot fly past Megatron, instead shooting the bonds holding Optimus, releasing him.  The two engage in an aerial battle.  Optimus asks Rattrap to destroy the control chair, which he does.  He cannot figure out a way to stop the teleport sequence, though.

Tarantulas downloads some datatracks from the alien computer, then flees.  Rattrap realizes it's going to blow.  Megatron charges forward but Optimus ducks, and Megatron bites a cable instead, getting electrocuted.  Rattrap hops on Optimus's hoverboard and they leave, with Megatron leaving close behind.

The dome goes up into space and explodes.  The Maximals watch from below.  Cheetor mournfully asks about the fates of Tigatron and Airazor.  Optimus assures him that if their sparks are still online, they'll get them back.

Reviewed by: Sapphire.

Tarantulas and Megatron give Quickstrike an evil look.

Tarantulas, operating his own agenda.

Quickstrike tries and fails to free Megatron from the alien beam


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