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The episode opens up with a view of a beautiful swirl of coloured clouds in space which we presume are a galaxy or solar system.  We enter it and zoom in on two floating skulls with long transparent tentacle-like hair flowing behind them.  They have glowing eyes and discuss the disruption of the time flow on Lexus Earth.  We are now aware that these are the aliens (the Vok).  They speak of the danger the transformers pose to the time flow and decide to send someone to deal with them.  We watch them hover over the unconscious bodies of Tigatron and Airazor who are still holding hands.  They force the sparks out of them and from their hands another spark-like energy ball forms.  It grows, wraps around the bodies and merges them into one large transformer, whom the Vok enter.  Like a comet, this transformer speeds off towards Earth, followed by the two independent sparks of Tigatron and Airazor....


Back on Earth, Megatron is acting as a judge (with a white wig and the classic hammer) at Quickstrike's trial.  It is of course and unfair trial, as Waspinator's defense of Quickstrike leans far more towards favouring Megatron.  Megatron wants to punish Quickstrike for betraying him the fuzor's sentence is to be blown to bits, as Rampage and TM2 Dinobot aim their guns at him.  Quickstrike begs for another chance and Megatron says, very well, he must tell him why Tarantulas wanted to destroy the Ark.  Quickstrike admits he does not know but that 'dang spider' double-crossed both of them and he'd be willing to track him down for Megatron and 'kick his keister'.  Megatron is not satisfied and says he is through being lenient with traitors.  Quickstrike's sentence is about to be carried out when there is an interruption.  The computer sounds a priority alert and Megatron checks and sees that an alien signal has been detected. It is approaching the planet.


Tarantulas detects the same thing in his lair and says: "So, those meddling aliens return.  How fortunate! (evil chuckle)"


Megatron orders his Predacons to go to their battle stations and decides to spare Quickstrike for now. 


At the Ark, Rattrap asks Rhinox that if this thing is not a comet then what is it?  Rhinox says it's something he never thought he's see again and calls Optimus.


The Predacon autoguns open fire on the approaching entity (heading straight for their base).  The alien radiation disrupts the base's sentinel and Megatron is forced to abandon base with his troops.  The entity smashes into the base causing an explosion which the Maximals witness on their computer screens.  Rattrap is happy, thinking that the Predacons have been destroyed and the Beast Wars are over.  Rhinox confirms there is no reason to be happy as the entity which destroyed the Predacon base is alien and its power readings are off the scale. Blackarachnia says they're back, just like Tarantulas always said they'd be.


The Predacons recover from the explosion.  Out from the flames of the destroyed base comes a large fuzor.  Part tiger, part hawk, the entity announces itself as Tigerhawk, an emissary of the Vok.  He tells Megatron the Vok charge him with the willful destruction of time and space and orders him to surrender. "Violence will not be tolerated."  Megatron refuses and orders his troops to open fire.  Tigerhawk gets rid of them by by causing a massive energy storm which sucks up Waspinator, Inferno and Quickstrike.  He blows up Rampage and TM2 Dinobot with a huge blaster.


Back with the Maximals and Rattrap says 'whatever he is, he's  making circuit salad out of the Preds'.  Optimus, still serious, sends Cheetor to the Predacons but tells him not to engage until he gets there.  Rattrap can't believe Optimus wants to help Megatron.  The Maximal leader reminds him that Megatron is carrying the spark of the original Megatron and if he is destroyed there will be a time storm that could wipe out Cybertron as they know it.   Blackarachnia tells Rattrap that when it is finished with the Predacons, 'where do you think it's coming next?'  Rattrap is disappointed.

Tigerhawk gives Megatron a final chance to surrender, but he refuses and the two engage in a battle.  Cheetor arrives on the scene and looks up in awe at the aerial battle.  Suddenly, Tarantulas appears and throws an energon web over the catbot, causing him to sleep.  The battle ranges on, but Tigerhawk is the victor and he knocks the tyrant unconscious to the ground.  Tarantulas plans to do something, but pauses when Optimus arrives on the scene.  Tigerhawk is not aggressive towards Optimus and says he will speak with Optimus after he has destroyed Megatron.  Optimus tells him if he destroys him he will make things worse. Tigerhawk replies that interference will not be tolerated and with his immense power, he opens a crack in the ground and Optimus falls in.  He closes the crack and prepares to destroy Megatron.  Just then, an army of cyber bugs attack him, causing his systems to shut down.  He goes into stasis lock and Tarantulas appears beside him, declaring: "Now. You're. Mine." (evil cackle)

Later, Megatron awakens and flies off.  Below, Cheetor has a curious vision of Tigatron and Airazor.  He watches them join sparks and become one bright spark.  The spark flies off and is replaced by a flying Vok, coming towards him.  Cheetor screams and wakes up.  But there in front of him is the spark!  It shoots off and he follows it.

We have a brief glance of Optimus' fist punching through the ground.

Meanwhile, Tarantulas has Tigerhawk stuck in an energy web.  He tells Tigerhawk he will turn a ray onto him which will destroy the alien influence in him and then he will serve him!

Cheetor follows the spark into a cave that leads to Tarantulas' lair.  As he enters, he hears Tarantulas' evil cackle echoing.

Tigerhawk assures Tarantulas he will never serve someone as evil as Tarantulas.  Tarantulas tells him he has little choice.  He will use him to deal with the Maximals while he destroys the Ark.  Tigerhawk says such an action would cause a time storm that would wipe out his entire race.  Tarantulas confirms that only those descended from Autobot and Decepticon will be affected, but he and the Tripredicus Council have different origin.  Under their rule, Cybertron will conquer the Universe. "You're insane," Tigerhawk growls.  Tarantulas certainly sounds and looks insane as he lets out a maniacal laugh and does a little jig.  He then turns the ray onto Tigerhawk and fires.  He extracts the aliens from him, but he realizes too late that they are slowly heading for him.  He gets frightened and fires at them, but his bullets go through their transparent forms.  They enter his body, and his volley of shots has hit the ray and spun it around, so it now fires on Tarantulas!  The intensity of the ray causes Tarantulas to overheat and explode.  Cheetor arrives and rescues Tigerhawk.  They both leave the cave just in time as a huge explosion knocks them to the ground.

Cheetor come to and sees a concerned Optimus looking over him.  The two of them watch the spark hover over Tigerhawk's limp form.  Optimus asks what it is and Cheetor says 'old friends'.  The spark enters its new host and Tigerhawk awakens.  He is a little confused at first as to who, what and where he is but Optimus and Cheetor clear it up for him.  Tigerhawk remembers and the three of them leave for the Ark, under the watchful eye of a hidden Megatron....

Reviewed by: Sapphire.

Judge Megatron

Those creepy skulls aka The Vok

Tigerhawk in all his magnificence


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