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Optimal Situation


Season 3


Reviewed by Darkshadow


The previous episode is left off with Silverbolt, Blackarachnia and Megatron. They have supposedly found the Ark, and good ole' Megatron decided it would be fun to shoot Optimus Prime, while he was in stasis lock. Since Megatron shot Prime, the Maximals are slowly vanishing. The foolish tyrant thinks he has won, but then Blackarachnia has turned against him. Rhinox has slowed down the process of the Maximals vanishing.

Prime's Spark can't exist outside a living body, so Primal decides to help out, and puts Prime's spark in his body, even though he doesn't know what'll happen. Megatron orders all of the Predacons to pull themselves together. Inferno, who can barely fly, comes to his 'Queen's' side, as does Waspinator. Ravage was destroyed.

Blackarachnia is meanwhile trying to salvage Prime's body. Optimus Primal is changing form. He turns out to be as big as the original Autobots. His flight mode looks to be a plane. He has a tank mode, robotic mode, and beast mode, along with his flight mode. Megatron, Inferno, and Waspinator decide to attack the Ark.

After a brief battle, Megatron, remembers that the Axalon is unguarded. So the three Preds head back to the Axalon. Cheetor, and Optimus slowly follow. Before Megatron goes to the Axalon, he sees to the treacherous Blackarachnia. Silverbolt, being the brave knight he is, is by her side as she is about to go in stasis lock. Saying that she'll join the Maximals for 'Bolts, she goes into stasis lock.

The chase is on between the three Predacons, and the two Maximals. Cheetor is busy with Inferno and Waspinator. Optimus gets rid of Megatron, but then Megatron orders Rampage to dispose of the Axalon. Rampage is in his tank mode, with several of Tarantulas' little arachnoids helping him. Optimus cuts most of the ropes, making it slightly harder for the immortal Preadcon. But the Axalon is halfway off the cliff as it is. Rampage takes out his gun and fires at the Maximal Leader. The missile was aimed, right for Prime's spark. Rampage's missile actually misses, because Optimus quickly put his hand over it. Instead it is deflected towards the Axalon. It hits, making it slowly fall into the body of water below. Rampage being the evil Predacon he is, jumps of the cliff while cackling.

Cheetor comes right as Rampage hits the water. Optimus tells him they must go back and return Prime's Spark. Doing as he was told, Cheetor followed.

When they reached the Ark, Optimus put the other spark back in the rightful body. After doing so Prime's head moves briefly. Then Rhinox alerts them saying reality is back to normal, and Optimus Prime is back in normal stasis.

Optimus after his body change

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Megatron!

He well and truly deserved the nickname "Big Bot"

Images by Omicron the Ice Queen

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