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Maximal No More


Season 2


Reviewed by: Blaze Raptor












In the episode, we see a shot of the Darkside. But, wait! It’s not the Darkside, it’s a computer model. The view of the Darkside turns into an aerial view and several points are placed around the image of the Maximal base. It seems that Dinobot is looking up something. The pattern that the points make is then compared to a symbol from the Golden Disk. There is definitely a pattern.


Dinobot concludes that Megatron’s plans continue even without the disk and wonders what the tyrants reaction would be if he switched back to the Predacons’ side. The raptor’s thoughts are interrupted when he receives a call from Optimus, who wants him to lead a mission into Predacon territory. Dinobot gives his computer screen one last look before he heads out.


We next see Dinobot leading the mission on his favorite mode of transportation (Rat Patrol!). Of course, Rattrap is annoying Dinobot along the way about his serious attitude about the job that Optimus asked him to do. Silverbolt then reports to Dinobot that he found a jamming station but no Predacons in the area. Dinobot instructs the fuzor to be backup as he and Rattrap go in to investigate.


As they go, Rattrap comments that it looks like they are walking right into an ambush. Sure enough, Inferno suddenly springs out of the ground. The crazy ant knocks Rattrap out of the way and charges at Dinobot. Dinobot, however, (‘cause he’s got superb skill) flips (the flip! The one I watched in slow motion about eleventy billion times. Just look at that technique…@_@…*repays the scene a few more times*… ahem) out of the way.


While Dinobot deals with Inferno, Rattrap has his own problems to worry about. Quickstrike comes from behind and tells the rat to holster his weapon unless he wants to get shot. Rattrap does but quickly draws his weapon again, hitting the fuzor and dodging the Pred’s blast (pretty cool move but not as cool as…the flip! *repays the flip scene again*). Quickstrike hangs off a cliff but not for long when Rattrap shoots him off.


Meanwhile, Dinobot is stuck behind a rock to avoid Inferno’s firepower (Man, Dinobot, how many times are you going to get pinned behind a rock (or the Maximals’ table) because of Inferno? That’s it, time to cheer for the ant. Go, Inferno! Kick his traitorous tail! For the Royalty! ) Silverbolt spots Dinobot having trouble so he flies down to help. Waspinator shoots him in the back ( Hey, Waspi can’t have a bad day all the time. He gets to shoot somebody down and he hasn’t gotten blown up…yet. Wow! ) and Silverbolt goes tumbling down.


Inferno runs out of ammo ( Huh? When does that ever happen? Inferno, run out of firepower?!? *gasp!* ) and Dinobot was about to make his move when the bird-dog crashes into him and gets knocked out. Inferno comments that Waspinator served the Royalty well but Waspi’s still feeling good about today and says that he rulez. Quickstrike’s not, still being upset that Rattrap shot him.


Inferno flies back to the base with Dinobot. Waspinator tries to carry Silverbolt but he’s too heavy. He asks Quickstrike for help but the fuzor walks off. Rattrap, hiding behind a rock, imitates Quickstrike’s voice to trick Waspinator. The rat throws a device and tells the bug to press the switch on it. Waspination does and is knocked out by the gas in the device ( and so concludes the good day that Waspinator no longer has).


At the Predacon base, the Preds have the still unconscious (Or is he?) Dinobot caged. Tarantulas thinks that they should destroy him but Megatron has other plans. Blackarachnia and Quickstrike hold the raptor while Tarantulas holds a device that would shock him awake. Dinobot, however (again because of his skills ), frees himself, knocks the Preds down, transforms, and points his blade to Megatron’s chest in a matter of seconds.


Megatron is impressed but points out that if he gets damaged, his troops will fire. Dinobot points out to him that he might get shot too but that would be a waste of two Predacons. Megatron is a little surprised at Dinobot’s statement, saying that he thought Dinobot was a Maximal now. Dinobot says that things have changed and bows ( Nooo! He can’t bow to that guy! He…he, has a rubber ducky for crying out loud!) down ( * shakes head * Why, Dinobot? Why!?!?) and offers his sword to Megatron.


Meanwhile, Silverbolt is awake and feels bad about what happened. He wants to go rescue Dinobot but Rattrap tells him that he needs to fly past the jamming station to call the other Maximals while he searches for the raptor. The rat tells Silverbolt that he will contact him when he finds Dinobot and heads off.


Back at the Pred base, Dinobot is still kneeling ( *Gah!!* ). Megatron is not convinced and thinks it is a weak attempt at saving Dinobot’s hide. Dinobot explains that he thought Megatron brought them to the wrong planet and was betrayed, so he had joined the Maximals. Now, however, he believes that Megatron will win the war and changes his activation code.


Tarantulas wants to verify that Dinobot is really a Predacon now but Megatron doesn’t like that idea. Blackarachnia suggest that Dinobot face ( The Predacon Challenge!! ) Quickstrike in one-to-one combat. Dinobot agrees, not thinking that is would be much of a challege.


The two Preds face off. ( *like in the Cable Guy* You’re goin’ down Quickstrike! Quickstrike’s goin’ down! Down, down, down!) Dinobot beast modes and lunges at the fuzor but Quickstrike dodges him. He fires two blasts of cyber venom. Dinobot dodges them but they hit Blackarachnia and Tarantulas. Megatron is very amused. Dinobot pins Quickstrike down but the fuzor flips over and strikes (That’s way they call him Quickstrike lol) down with his tail. Dinobot bites it and tosses him aside. Quikestrike’s upset about his tail getting bitten so he transforms and shoots at Dinobot. Dinobot transforms too and counters the attack with his eye lasers. Dinobot’s beam out powers Quickstrike’s and the fuzor is blown back. Quickstrike asks if that’s all Dinobot’s got and (unless you’re watching the edited version) Dinobot finishes him off with one final blast.


Megatron throws him back his sword and tells him to finish him ( And, seeing the edited version I had to agree with him). Dinobot says that he would make a good soldier with training and Megatron slowly agrees. He tells Inferno to aid Quickstrike and the ant does but not without calling him the “Q” word. Dinobot is a little puzzled (I give him three stars for talking with Megatron after that with a straight face ‘cause I could do that after someone calling him Queen) and Megatron explains that Inferno has faulty programming.


Since Dinobot has rejoined the Predacons, Megatron asks him to give him back the Disks. Dinobot tells him that he gave the alien disk to Rhinox but the other one was hidden. The raptor tells him that he will get it for tomorrow but Megatron wants it now (Wah, wah, wah. “I want it back now.” Big baby…).


In the next scene, Rattrap sees Megatron carrying Dinobot and follows them. Megatron and Dinobot lands and Dinobot gets the Disk from under a rock and gives the disk to Megs. Megatron states that he will change the history of their race with the disk but Dinobot thinks he might also destroy it. Megatron assures him that he knows what he’s doing and prepares to hit Dinobot in the back when Rattrap suddenly shoots him.


Not knowing what Megatron was going to do to him, Dinobot retaliates and shoots Rattrap. Megatron is please then aims at the fallen rat. Dinobot thinks it would be unnecessary to kill him but Megatron wants a final test of Dinobot’s loyalty. Dinobot walks over with his sword drawn, ready to kill the rat. After a few tense moments, Dinobot can’t do it. Megatron tries to strike him from behind again but Dinobot counters it. He tells Megatron that he will destroy everything with his plans. Megatron tells him to return to the Maximals and flies off.


Optimus and Silverbolt come to the scene and ask what happened. Rattrap tells them about what was going on with Dinobot’s betrayal. Dinobot says it is true and explains that he thought that he wanted to be a part of Megatron’s plans. He asks if he can join with them to stop the tyrant’s plot and after some consideration (and some complaining from Rattrap) Optimus lets him back in. The Maximal leader and Silverbolt fly off leaving Dinobot alone with Rattrap. The rat offers him a ride then asks why he didn’t kill him. Dinobot tells him that he will chose when that will happen. Rattrap says that he’s glad to have him back and they lived happily ever after. The end.

Reviewed by: Blaze Raptor

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