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Master Blaster


Season 3


Reviewed by Darkshadow


This episode begins with the Predacons building some sort of machine (we find out what it is later on). Silverbolt is outside on guard duty. Megatron tells Waspinator that he will be sub commander for this mission. Little does the poor wasp know that it wouldn't last long.

Waspinator in his beast form, holding a huge missile. He flies off towards the Ark, and fires the missile at poor Silverbolt. After the bird-dog is found in stasis lock, Optimus, Cheetor and Rattrap run outside to see what's going on. The wasp transforms, hoping that his comrades are behind him. He finds out that they were not, and gets flattened.

Tarantulas fire some sort of gadget into the metal monkey, that makes one of the Predacons control Primal. Rattrap hauls Silverbolt off to the CR chamber. After the transmetal rat and fuzor are out of sight, Optimus punches Cheetor into stasis lock.

The next thing we see is Blackarachnia. She sees that the door is open to the base. As she enters the base with caution, she notices that the lights are out. Optimus creeps up behind her. But Optimus isn't really Optimus. Quickstrike is controlling him. Megatron has caught almost all the Maximals, the last Maximal is Depth Charge.

Megatron gives the following orders. Dinobot is to find DC, and destroy him. Rampage is to guard the femme spider. Inferno has been assigned to guard the Maximals that are in a cage. Quickstrike is to send Optimus to the other part of the base. (The part that holds the Autobots.)

Quickstrike (Optimus) and Megatron approach their destination. Megatron demands for 'Strike to upload the Ark's access codes. But it turns out that Primal has taken certain precautions, and that a Maximal signature is required. It's not too much of a challenge.

Next, we see Rampage and Blackarachnia. To tell the truth I really have no idea what Rampage was doing with the spider. His foot was on her, but her claw was holding it up. I'm assuming he was going to stomp on her. Blackarachnia disposes of Rampage with her telekinesis powers.

Megatron and Optimus (Quickstrike) walk in, and see all of the Autobots in stasis lock. Then something catches Megatron's eye. It's his ancestor, the original Megatron. He decides to combine his spark with the original Megatron. That way his form could change, just like Optimus's.

Back at the Bridge of the Maximal base there's Tarantulas and Quickstrike, watching what's happening with the tyrant. The scientist tells his comrade to take Megatron to the lava pits. The Texan-accented bot agrees, and does so. Hovering over the lava pits, 'Strike lets go and says, (fav line from 'Strike) "Happy trails!" Now the Ark and the history of Cybertron belongs to Tarantulas!

Since Blackarachnia escaped Rampage, her next objective is to get rid of Inferno. It wasn't that hard; she got him outside and the auto guns were on. What do you suppose happened?

Tarantulas is now in the middle of doing something with the computer; setting it to self-destruct. Chuckling to himself he walks over to the lava pits, and sees a head appear out of the lava. Guess who it was? Yup, Megatron. (I swear this guy never dies. Ahem.) So now Megatron is a red Dragon. Being very upset, he turns to beast form, and throws Tarantulas in the lava pits.

Blackarachnia is trying to help her comrades and get them all back to their normal selves. When there she sees Quickstrike, and Optimus (which he's still controlling). The spider shoots Quickstrike, and Optimus turns to be Optimus again.

Blackarachnia goes to stop the self-destruction of the base, which isn't the easiest thing to do, especially since Tarantulas set it. Megatron and Primal fight. It's another normal fight, but for a brief moment Megatron was winning.

Blackarachnia has finally stopped the self-destruction. The rest of the Maximals are somehow all prepared, and come to save their leader.


Megatron gets his new beast mode - a dragon!

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