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Episode Review:

Cutting Edge

Season 3

Reviewed by:  Wicked Woman


Summary: This episode begins in the Valley DinoBot saved in Code of Hero. Four proto humans, including the one with DinoBotís hand-made weapon, were travelling back home after hunting for food. The two young children began chasing after the flower petals one of them had picked while the elder human waited for them and quickly vanished. The leader, knowing something was wrong, ordered the kids in his language to hide and was soon chased by a strange raptor with glowing red eyes. The raptor lost its prey and soon heard the children whimpering in fear. Before it could harm them, Optimal Optimus Primal and Silverbolt came to their aid. Silverbolt was shot down with ease but Optimus destroyed the raptor. 

Back at the Century, Rhinox indicated that the raptor was made out of Cybertronian alloy and fused with a different Transmetal technology, proving that Megatron was behind it. Optimus ordered Blackarachnia to bring the kids back to their village. After a little bit of complaints and a witty remark made by Rattrap, the new Predacon traitor realized that she had no choice. Silverbolt volunteered to accompany her but was denied because it would distract her from her mission and he had already sustained damage from the last encounter. Cheetor then volunteered, which didnít make the bird-dog feel any better. 

Expecting Blackarachnia would be sent out to send the children home, Megatron sent Tarantulas, Waspinator and three cyber-raptors to find and destroy her. Blackarachnia and Cheetor were ambushed by a cyber-raptor that was already in the area. Cheetor was shot down easily while the black widow swallowed her pride and rescued the kids while getting away. Both then realized that they had entered one of Megatronís jamming zones. 

Knowing something was up, Optimus and, after some failed objections, Silverbolt left to find their MIA comrades, leaving Rhinox and Rattrap alone in the base, awaiting an attack from Megatron, Rampage, Inferno and Quickstrike. 

After a while of battle, the leader of the Proto humans came back and found the cyber-raptorís weak point, thus giving the Maximals a way to defeat the Preds. After hearing of the Predaconís failure, Megatron ordered that the others take hostages; that is until Depth Charge showed up and helped Rhinox and Rattrap drive the Preds away. 

The Maximals (mainly Cheetor) said their goodbyes to the human children after their victory against MegatronÖ but was it really a victory or was Megatron just testing the limitations of his new Transmetal II technology? Only time will tell. 

Authorís Review: This was one of the episodes that seem important but are as funny as heck at the same time. It was also what some people call the beginning of the two-parted episode of Feral Scream. 

I really like the episode because it reintroduces the proto humans into the series. It is also, what some people say, the beginning to Cheetorís crush on Blackarachnia and the beginning to BAís secrete plot to find away to gain more power. Some of the humorous parts of the episode were of Cheetor with his tail straight in the air, Quickstrike getting hit by a primitive form of a trap and Silverbolt using one of his wings to block Cheetor from seeing the black widow (this was both funny and sad). 

Waspinatorís surprised look before he was blasted was pure humor and typical cartoon combined into one and was finished off when the Predacon came back in beast mode only to be used as a trampoline by one of the raptors who had begun to malfunction. Poor WaspinatorÖ all well at least he wasnít singing as if he were in operaÖ isnít that right Optimus. 

Cutting Edge was by far one of the most remember able episodes in the series. 


Reviewed by: Wicked Woman




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