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Episode Review:


Crossing the Rubicon


Season 3


Reviewed by: Blackarachnia


This episode begins with Blackarachnia, alone in a cave that she had discovered. She was hooking herself up to a machine similar to the one in episode Feral Scream. She had the transmetal two device attached to it, which she had retrieved from Depth Charge as he threw it over the cliff into the lava pit in a previous episode. Waves of power started to shoot through Blackarachnia's body, as she was changing.  That night Silverbolt was on patrol, flying above the woods where the cave was located. He saw surges of waves emitting from the cave, so he decided to investigate immediately. Once he saw what was happening to Blackarachnia, he feared the worst- that she was being injured. He stopped the machine while it was in the process of changing Blackarachnia into a transmetal.  “Great going Bowser, and I’m still the same old me,” replies the let-down widow.  Suddenly, Blackarachnia has a violent spasm, with waves of energy spreading over her body, as she passes out. Silverbolt, then quite worried for her well being, flew her back to base.

At the ark, the Maximals were scanning Blackarachnia to see what damages had been done. Optimus, not sure what to think, questioned the widow sternly as to where she had gotten the transmetal driver from.
“I kind of borrowed it…” She said, looking downwards, as she was referring to when she had stolen it from Depth Charge.
When the scanners had completed their task, they had showed that her internals were beyond repair. They would have to remove her shell programming and turn her into a Maximal, or else she would die.
As you can imagine, Blackarachnia was not too pleased with her options. She was a bad girl – not a Maximal. She was not into being heroic, or doing things for the sake of good. She liked the way she was and she didn’t want to change. Silverbolt, trying to convince her, said that he knew her heart, and it was filled with no evil and only love. At that moment, they leaned in for a tender kiss, but to be interrupted by another violent spasm.

Right before the procedure, after Blackarachnia had awakened, she decided it was best that she’d give the Ark's access codes to Optimus in case she didn’t come back alive. She was now ready to begin the process of elimination of her shell programming. Blackarachnia was strapped in a machine as Rhinox was about to search her body for it..
“See ya boys, if you’re lucky,” Blackarachnia said just as she was put into a sleep.

In Tarantulas’ lair, the spider lay asleep at his computer. He was suddenly awakened to the computer. It was alerting him that Blackarachnia’s shell programming was being tampered with. He radioed Megatron and explained to him his discovery. He said to Megatron that “there are a few safe guards” and that the Maximals would not succeed without killing her. Megatron still decided that they should take extra precautions, and had a plan of his own to stop this.

Back at the Ark, Rhinox was still working on Blackarachnia’s shell programming. Inside her, two balls of energy appeared in her body. They shot up and tried to get to her core. If they reached it, she would die. “This is Tarantulas’ work!” Rhinox exclaimed. He used the device he was scanning inside of her with to shoot the energy balls. They were destroyed. Only a moment later, the base was under an ambush by the Predacons. All the Maximals left the base to engage them in battle, except for Rhinox and of course Silverbolt who wanted to help.
Right outside the Ark, the Maximals had their hands full with keeping the Preds' fire power away. Optimus distracted Inferno. As the ant turned to face him, the Ark's weapons locked on to him and shot off one of his propellers. As this happened, he went crashing into the ground. Rattrap hid behind a rock as Rampage, tank mode, passed him. “Here tanky-tanky-tanky,” Rattrap chanted as he slapped a bomb to Rampage’s backside and it exploded. All was well, except that no one could see a hidden Tarantulas.

The deadly spider grabbed his horrid gun, and aimed it straight at the Ark, whose shield was now down. “Goodbye my treacherous creation,” he sang as he fired three missiles at the Ark. As he did this, two more energy balls were heading for Blackarachnia's core again. “Gotcha now….” Said Rhinox as he locked onto them. Right then and there, the missiles that Tarantulas had shot hit the Ark. All the power had gone out. Rhinox scrambled to get the machine back online, but it was too late. The energy balls had reached Blackarachnia's core. She was dead. Silverbolt stared in disbelief, as he looked down at his beloved’s corpse. Suddenly his eyes turned a blood red. He knew who was responsible for this. “Tarantulas!” he growled…his voice sounded one of a murderer.

The Maximals were circled around Blackarachnia's still body. “I never thought I’d say it but, I’m gonna miss her,” said a solemn Rattrap. “She was something special,” replied Cheetor, his eyes glued to the lifeless spider. Then, the Maximals realized something they should have noticed long before. Silverbolt was gone; gone to avenge his Beloved's death.

Silverbolt, flying in the air, spotted Tarantulas alone. “She’s gone, and it’s all because of you!” he yelled as he maximized.” "Aww the avenging hero,” Tarantulas taunted. Silverbolt flew down and attacked Tarantulas with all his might. He had never felt so much anger towards anyone, so Tarantulas went down fast. Silverbolt stabbed his sword into the ground, lifted Tarantulas up and howled as he was about to throw him over a cliff and end his life. “That’s not very Maximal of you!” he heard from behind him. He turned around to see Rampage. The crab shot several bullets at him, but Silverbolt quickly put Tarantulas's body in front of him, and it acted as a shield. He than began his battle with Protoform X.

At the base while Blackarachnia's body lay still, the transmetal two driver came to life. It was full of power, healing powers. It floated over to the widow’s body and shot energy throughout her. She started shaking violently, as her eyes shot open.

Silverbolt was loosing to Rampage. He was much too strong for the poor fuzor.  He was down, as Rampage pointed his gun to his head.
“This will hardly be fun at all.”
“Yeah, for you creepazoid,” shouted an all too familiar voice. Behind them stood Blackarachnia, as a transmetal 2. She was now mostly blue. Her chest plate was red, and she had a gold helmet. She had a softer look now, as she was a Maximal. Although she looked soft, doesn’t mean she was! She threw some hard kicks at Rampage, which caused him to drop his gun. She then turned to beast mode, shot a web at him, and spun him around and around until the web broke and he fell into a cliff.
“Blackarachnia?” Silverbolt asked in astonishment.
“You’re not gonna quit on me now Bowser, not after I’ve had my nails done?” Blackarachnia was back.

Back at the base, all the Maximals are curious as to what happened. Blackarachnia says that she remembers being in the dark, and suddenly there was a bright light and she knew that Silverbolt was in trouble. She quickly adds “Even if I’m good I’m still bad,” as her and her true love share their long awaited kiss.  


Author’s comments: Well I found this episode to be done fairly well. The script was amazing, but I was quite disappointed in BA’s new look. She just isn’t the edgy spider anymore. She looks more like a beetle. And I’m sorry, but I mean where did her chest go? She just wasn’t the same girl after that.  I did do some research into this episode though and I found the results to be quite interesting. 

Meaning of Rubicon: A limit that when passed or exceeded permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment  

The boundary in ancient times between Italy and Gaul; Caesar's crossing it with his army in 49 BC was an act of war  

I believe that the writers chose the title “crossing the Rubicon” because of the inner battle Blackarachnia had to face. She had to battle her inner demons to become the true Maximal she always was.  


Review written by author:

Thanks to Omicron the Ice Queen for taking these images.


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