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Coming of the Fuzors: Part 2


Season 2


Reviewed by Lord Skyfire




          The second part of a great two-parter at the beginning of season 2.  It starts off continuing the battle that began between both the Predacons and the Maximals.  Weapons fire from both sides is unleashed and a massive explosion sends the three Maximals flying backward.  After a rough landing the Maximals recover and return fire at the Predacons. 

          Waspinator and Tarantulas arrive on the scene and Megatron orders a full-scale attack.  Silverbolt questions Megatron’s order.  Silverbolt tells the tyrant leader that ‘we should give them a chance to surrender.’  Megatron slaps him with his tail-gun and threatens his life.  After Silverbolt gives in the Predacons then open fire one more on the Maximals. 


          Meanwhile at the Maximal base, a purple beam glitters from the command center and out into space.  The computer reports a second warning, “Second warning! Unit Rhinox’s core consciousness grows dangerously distant.  Chance of return fading.”  Rhinox’s mind travels through the matrix as he realizes his time is almost up. 


          Back at the ongoing battle, Tarantulas makes contact with Blackarachnia, via their psychic link, and orders her to search for the golden discs.  Blackarachnia replies by reminding Tarantulas that Dinobot took them, but Tarantulas orders her to check Megatron’s private records.  When the she-spider opens his records the console is trashed.  Tarantulas commands her to “see if any of the data can be recovered”.

          Megatron watches as Tarantulas seemingly talks with himself.  He ponders on what the spider is up too, but is interrupted by Silverbolt.  The fuzor exclaims that the Maximals are fools, but Megatron explains that the ‘maximals are many things, but fools they are not” and then notices the purple beam emanating from their base.  He orders Silverbolt and Waspinator to converge on the Maximal base. 

          Rattrap sends Cheetor after the two Predacon flyers while he and Dinobot head off to play ‘rat patrol’.  Meanwhile Blackarachnia uncovers some previous records and downloads them for herself while Tarantulas is occupied by the ‘rat patrol’. 

          In the air, Cheetor takes out Waspinator and leads another chase with Silverbolt following. 

          Megatron and Inferno catch up with Rattrap and Dinobot and begin opening fire on them.  Rattrap swerves right and left, dodging each weapons fire as Dinobot furiously tries to hit the flyers.  Eventually Dinobot takes out Inferno’s jet sending the ant-bot crashing into Megatron. 

          Back at the Maximal base, Cheetor orders the shields off and the auto-guns on.  The guns take out Silverbolt and the fuzor comes crashing to the ground.  When Rattrap and Dinobot arrive the warrior prepares to kill Silverbolt, but Cheetor and Rattrap stop him because ‘its not what Optimus would have done’.  Rattrap orders Dinobot to get Silverbolt to the CR Chamber while he checks on Rhinox.

          Inside the command center a wave of purple energy flashes through the room.  Dinobot comes in with Silverbolt in arms and places him in the CR Chamber.  Rattrap comes in and wakes up Rhinox, who had just returned.  They talk about where Rhinox was and Rattrap gets really confused!  Lol!  Then Cheetor reports that the Predacons are here and the shields are failing. 

          Outside the Maximals wait behind their shield as the Predacons blast away relentlessly.  Eventually, though, the shield fails and the Maximals open fire.  Because of the long battle, their weapons’ ammo ran out.  After they stop firing the Predacons continue to bombard them.  After their cover stone was destroyed a surge of missile fire sweeps through and defeats them.

          The dawn comes and the Maximals lay weak and beaten on the ground.  The Predacons creep towards them to enjoy their final blow.  As they prepare to fire and explosion stops them in their tracks.  As the smoke clears Transmetal Optimus Primal is revealed holding a blast shield.  Megatron in a rage orders his troops to open fire on him.  Optimus’ shield protects him and then he returns a large amount of fire with his shoulder cannons.  The Preds are blown away and a chase begins.  Eventually Optimus lands.  Inferno is to his right and Tarantulas and Quickstrike are to his left.  As Inferno lets fly two missiles he ducks, causing the missiles to impact with Tarantulas and Quickstrike. 

Then in a traditional western standoff the two bots prepare for a drawn.  Optimus wins of course, but is about to be fired upon by Megatron.  Silverbolt races in and kicks Megatron off the edge of the cliff.  As the tyrant falls to his doom, Silverbolt requests to join the Maximals.  Optimus agrees and they return to base.


I think there is a bit more to the episode, but I only have up to there… lol.  I believe all that happens next is Rhinox studies Optimus’ transmetal form and they talked about the energon deposits all burnt up. 


I give this episode and the previous part one a 10 out of 10!  A definite Beast Wars classic!

 Dinobot discovers a use for Rattrap.  A motor-rat!

Cheetor makes haste towards the Axalon

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