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Episode Review:

Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1


Season 2


Reviewed by Lord Skyfire




                The episode starts off with a gloomy storm echoing in the distant areas passed two stasis pods.  Both pods are severely damaged and debris lay around them.  A small scorpion scurries down root near the pods.


          Meanwhile at the Predacon base the Predacon computer reports the detection of two Maximal stasis pods down in Delta Quadrant.  Megatron and Inferno quickly venture off to secure the maximal protoforms as their own. Waspinator watches his comrades fade into the distance, but then catches a glimpse of the single remaining moon.  After thinking for a bit he says, “One moon now… hmmm….  Those markings…  Heh!  Waspinator knows!”

          As the Predacon wasp buzzes back into the Darkside, Dinobot stands in the distance watching.  He too notices the remaining moon and realizes what planet they really are on!  But then a Predacon auto-gun locks onto him and fires.  He dodges a direct impact, but gets pelted with falling rock debris.  As he recovers he devises a method of shielding his signature from the auto-guns scanners.  After covering himself in tar (????) he moves slowly towards the auto-gun.  After successfully getting close to it he smashes it and moves on to the base.


          In the disc room both golden disc spin weightlessly in a containment field as Waspinator, in beast form, buzzes in.  He transforms and approaches the field in awe.  He then reaches towards the field, but his quickly flung backward into Dinobot, who had just arrived.  Dinobot grabs his former comrade by the neck and lifts him to eye level.  They both discuss the matters of what planet they really are on and the secrets the discs truly hold.  They determine that they have been stranded on ancient Earth and that the discs hold a record of the future.  And as Waspinator put it they give, “…ultimate power!”  Waspinator proposes that they both work together to retrieve the discs, but when Dinobot agrees he is very surprised!  Dinobot throws him into the containment field and watches as the Waspinator is electrified, disassembled, and smashed into a cube of ‘waspy’ parts! Dinobot then quickly retrieves the two discs.  Then, after Waspy is smashed into a cube, the machine flips him out and into Tarantulas’ curled up body, which was kicked in by none other then Blackarachnia!  Dinobot quickly fires a few random blasts of his eye lasers and escapes from a hull breech in the wall.  Tarantulas’ mind, that has possessed Blackarachnia’s body, orders the femme to stop Dinobot, but Blackarachnia refuses to risk herself.  Tarantulas ignores the disc as he spots the equipment he needs to revive himself.


          At Maximal HQ the maximals find a stasis pod close to their base.  Unfortunately it was a blank, a protoform without a spark.  Rattrap questions what good that does them.  Rhinox answers mysteriously, “None.  For now…” Tigatron and Airrazor then set out to find the remaining pods throughout the planet.


          Back at Delta Quadrant, the two damaged stasis pods begin to come to life.  Both pods begin scanning for compatible life forms and their computers state, “Critical scanner damage.  Replication error.  Data tracks non-recoverable.”  Then after the activation sequences is over both ‘bots emerge; one, a silver eagle/wolf hybrid and the other a golden scorpion/cobra hybrid.  Both have no identities and no idea what was going on.  The scorpion/cobra, we later learn to be called Quickstrike, challenges Silverbolt, eagle/wolf, to a fight.  As they battle against each other, Inferno comes blasting weaponry at them.  Explosions from impacts, send them both hurtling through the air.  After landing Quickstrike decides that he’s going to take on Inferno.  Quickstrike then leaps at Inferno and clamps onto the ant’s arms.  His tail/cobra head nips at Inferno with little effect.  Inferno says (and this is one of my favorite lines!), “Fool!  Pain is my friend!  Allow me to introduce you to it!” And with that Quickstrike is flung from side to side by the ant drone. 

Meanwhile in the distance Megatron lurks behind a rock formation.  He accesses the two new comers’ activation codes and changes them to be Predacon.  

After an attempt of heroism by Silverbolt fails, Inferno unleashes a spray of flames at them both, but he’s soon stopped my Megatron.  The mighty tyrant, in beast form, greets the new ‘bots and tells them they are Predacons.  As proof, he tells them to speak aloud the Predacon activation code, “Terrorize!”  After both do so, Megatron smirks successfully and puts a welcoming arm on both ‘bot’s shoulders.


Meanwhile, back at the Maximal base, Rhinox prepares to go off-line.  Rhinox explains to a complaining Rattrap that, “After the alien devices exploded it created a window into transwarp space…” Rhinox then shuts down.  After which Rattrap sends Cheetor to find Dinobot before the Predacons do. 


In maximal territory Dinobot stands pondering on the power the discs hold and if he should, in fact, use them to control his destiny.  He finally, after a loooooong time, decides to hide one under a boulder and bring the other back to base.


Back at the Predacon base Blackarachnia is hooked up to some sort of machine.  Electricity crackles as life pumps back into Tarantulas’ transmetal body, which rests on a web.  Within moments Tarantulas’ regains life and the spider cackles in joy that he lives!


In Delta Quadrant, Megatron and the new comers discuss the Predacon way and their goals and as Megatron put it, “…but our main focus must be the Maximals.  And their destruction.”  Quickstrike asks about destruction and after Megatron spots an incoming Maximal, Cheetor, he grants the western talking fuzor his request.  He fires a few blasts at Cheetor as the feline calls for assistance.  After which he orders Silverbolt to follow the cat and destroy him.  Silverbolt questions Megatron’s orders and is met with a blast in the chest.  Megatron yells, “Never question my orders!  Now go!”  Silverbolt goes and Megatron and the rest follow after.

A chase scene begins as Silverbolt gains on the transmetal maximal cat!  Cheetor leads the ‘parade’ into a small valley in which large stone formations rest.  Cheetor using his ‘cat speed and corning ability’ weaves in and out of the formations with the Predacons following.  Eventually Silverbolt crashes into one of the formations, but Megatron continues after Cheetor just busting through the stones. 


Rattrap sits watching over his friend Rhinox, but is interrupted by Cheetor’s incoming message.  Rattrap answers and asks, “What have ya done now?”  Cheetor tells him about the Predacons and Rattrap tells him he’ll put up sentinel.  Rattrap then goes back to Rhinox and tells him its time to wake up, but is interrupted by the computer, “Danger!  Unit Rhinox’s core consciousness has extended beyond measurable limits.  Further interference will cause permanent loss of spark.”  Then Dinobot comes in and brings down a weapon locker-thingy.  Lol.  Rattrap explains the situation.  The locker slides back up into the ceiling revealing a Rambo looking Dinobot.  Both of them head out side to keep the Predacons from the base for Rhinox’s sake.  Outside Rattrap transforms into his vehicle mode and speeds off leaving Dinobot caught in a cloud of dirt.


Rattrap spots Megatron closing on Cheetor in the air.  The rat quickly transforms and fires a few volleys at the tyrant causing him to slam hard into the ground.  Megatron then orders everyone to converge on his coordinates.  Both Maximal and Predacon factions regroup in two parties to prepare to fight.


Meanwhile, Tarantulas creeps towards Blackarachnia laughing maniacally.  Blackarachnia threatens to shoot him, but is unable because of Tarantulas’ psychic link with the window.  Blackarachnia falls to the ground, as Megatron appears on the screen in front of them.  He orders Tarantulas and Waspinator to come to him, to finish the Maximals for good! 


A western song echoes through the area as both factions move out into their ranks.  Rattrap and the Maximals prepare their weapons and slowly step out to fight.  Both factions stand face to face with their weapons ready and slowly after the Preds bring their weapons up, the Maximals move to a fighting stance.  The screen fades out….  To be continued!  I hate those!  Lol

 Silverbolt makes his introduction into the Beast Wars

Dinobot, Rattrap and Cheetor make a last stand.

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