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Code of Hero


Season 2


Reviewed by Blaze Raptor



The episode begins with a view of a luscious valley. A crow perches on a branch and crows above a small group of early humans who peacefully search for food. That peace is soon broken when a snake attacks the humans. The uproar causes a group of crows to fly upwards in a circular pattern that mimics the motion of Dinobotís spinning sword in the next scene. 

Dinobot kneels solemnly in his room, his sword held upwards in front of him. The room is dark, save the sunlight shining from a skylight in his room. He glances up at the sky and sees a small flock of crows flying past the sun. As the crows pass, the sun changes into a vision of the Golden Disk. 

The Ex-Predacon is still haunted by his actions not long ago when he betrayed the Maximals and gave the Golden Disk back to Megatron. Not able to bear the dishonor, Dinobot flips his sword down, ready to end his life. (Booooo!) However, he is unable to kill himself. He throws his sword, which hits a wall, rolls, and settles into a patch of light. 

The scene changes again with TM Optimus coming up the lift, asking why Rhinox wanted to talk to him. Rhinox points out to Optimus that he calculates that the transwarp wave from the alien explosion will reach Cybertronian space. They would finally be discovered. Optimus questions if Megatron has made the same calculations. Rattrap is sure that Megatron has and Optimus tells Rhinox to increase the baseís defenses. 

We see Dinobot again as he walks through a hallway. On the way, he runs into Rattrap who confronts Dinobot of his betrayal. Though angry, Dinobot realizes that Rattrap is right. He decides that, though he cannot undo his actions, he can still try to remedy the trouble he caused. 

Cheetor flies through the sky. He spots Megatron and Rampage at the valley but he also is spotted and gets fired upon. The mechanical cat calls in for help and is finally answered by Dinobot who was examining a piece of web. Cheetor is shot but not too badly hurt. Someone has to find out what Megatron is up to and that someone is Dinobot. 

The scene switches to a computer screen. On the screen we see a deer caught in one of Tarantulasí cyber webs. The spider-bot carefully sneaks out, ready to enjoy his meal and would have if it wasnít for that gun that suddenly appears out of nowhere. Dinobot springs out of the ground, captures the hapless spider, and demands that Tarantulas tell him what is on the Golden Disk. Tarantulas tells him that the only person who knows whatís on the Disk is Megatron and that it would be impossible for Dinobot to catch up with him. Dinobot, of course, is not discouraged by this and forces Tarry to take him to Megatron. 

Back in the jungle, the early humans are peacefully walking until Megatron frightens them as he flies by. (ahhhh! Flying Barney! Lol) Megs makes his way to a ledge overlooking the valley and lands next to Rampage. Megatron takes out the Golden Disk and displays an image of a mountain in the future. The tyrant wishes to test the truth about the Disk and orders Rampage to blow the mountain up. The transmetal crab does so, though reluctantly, and Megatron is pleased when he sees that the image changes. The future can be changed! Looking from the other side of the valley, Dinobot sees the same thing and realizes that giving Megatron the Disk was not a good idea. 

Megatron decides to get rid of the humans since they help the Autobots in the future. He then calls all the Predacons to destroy the valley. Dinobot begins to call for backup but is attacked by Tarantulas. Dinobot quickly gets rid of him and finishes calling the Maximals. Optimus radios Dinobot and orders him to wait for reinforcements but Dinobot refuses.  

The valley is set ablaze by the Predacons, as the humans try to flee for their lives. Dinobot finally realizes that he is in control of his destiny but knows that he has no choice but to risk his life to save the humans. He is prepared to battle, the greatest battle of his life. 

Next we see the Maximals running as fast as they can to get to Dinobot. Rattrap (who always has such positive things to say) knows that they arenít going to make it Dinobot in time. 

The battle has begun. Dinobot cuts an unsuspected Inferno with his sword. Blackarachnia spots him and begins to fire but Dinobot used Inferno as a shield. Dinobot uses Infernoís gun to finish off the black widow and Inferno. Dinobot then runs off a small ledge and, using his tail shield (wow! He only used that thing like what? Ö3 times before that) as a helicopter, he flies down (wheeeeeeee!), shooting at Waspinator and Rampage on the way. Waspinator manages too shoot Dinobot down but Dinobot lands on top of him, knocking him out. Rampage, in tank mode, prepares to launch a missile at Dinobot but Dinobot plugs up the barrel with Waspinatorís head and the crab explodes. The raptor bot takes on damage as he is thrown hard against a tree. 

Megatron watches the traitor then sends Quickstrike to finish him off. Down in the valley Dinobot encounters Quickstrike, who attacks with his cyber-venom. Dinobot tries to attack using his eye lasers but doesnít have the strength to use them so he picks the fuzor up and throws him against the rock. 

By this time Dinobotís in critical condition. His internal computer warns him that he should go into status lock or risk the loss of his spark but Dinobot overrides the computer. Footsteps are heard and Megatron appears then starts to gloat (not like Dinobotís injuries werenít bad enough but now he was going to be talked to death).  

Dinobot begins to attack but Megatron reveals that he has taken a human as hostage. Dinobot rolls, grabs a stick, and starts hitting Megs with it. Megatron is not impressed and punches Dinobot. The raptorís computer gives him a final warning. Megatron says that Dinobotís technology is too old and will never compare to his as he prepares to fire. Dinobot puts a rock at the end of the stick and whacks Megatron hard enough to knock the disk out of him. Dinobot grabs the disk and, with the last bit of energy he has, uses his eye lasers to destroy the Disk. Exhausted, he collapses. Just then the Maximals arrive and Megatron retreats. They put out the fires and go to Dinobotís side. Nothing can be done to repair Dinobot. Optimus commends Dinobot for saving the valley then Rattrap and Dinobot share a few touching comments (*sniff*). Dinobot says his final words before he (grab a large box of tissue for this one) dies. As his spark ascends, the Maximals salute his sacrifice. 

Back at the Axalon, the Maximals give Dinobot a funeral, complete with the missing man aerial formation, then cremates him. 

The final scene shows a human examining the stick weapon that Dinobot made. A snake appears and tries to attack the human but he whacks the snake with the weapon. The human is amazed and shouts in victory. The shout is still heard as the camera zooms out and we see Dinobotís spark shine in the distance. 

Authorís note: Man, as a Dinobot fan, I was so mad because I was the first episode in the second season that I saw! *ahem* Anyway, the episode was very well done. Unlike many of the other characters in the show, Dinobot was not killed pointlessly. He went out fighting and had an honorable death, which is the way he would have wanted it. He is an unforgettable character and will not be forgotten.

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